Team building is important in any workplace, even while working from home! You shouldn’t let the current situation stop you from bonding with your team members. Since you can’t meet offline, meet online instead by doing virtual team building activities! There are many great activities available, such as baking, soap making, brush lettering, etc. If you need some ideas don’t be afraid to check out our list of 17 virtual team building activities for corporate in 2021! But before we get to that, you should first find out why virtual team building is important for your company in these current times. Here are a few benefits that virtual team building activities can bring to you and your team members.

1. Boost Team Morale and Increase Motivation

In these times, boosting morale and bringing the team together have never been more important. As you know, the world isn’t really in a good place right now, we often get news updates throughout the day that aren’t exactly good, to put it lightly. Facing these bad news all the time could bring people’s moods down and make it difficult for teams to motivate themselves to do work in the same way as before this crisis. A fun virtual team building activity gives teams a few hours to forget about the outside world and motivates the team to keep going.


2. Combat Loneliness

As everyone is isolated now, you can’t help but feel a little lonely at times, especially if you’re living alone. Last time we could always hang out with our friends or family when we need company, but now even going out has some risks. Even the co-workers that we used to see daily last time, we don’t see much of now. A virtual team building activity can help bring employees who may be feeling lonely into a group setting and let them chat with one another. Giving everyone a chance to catch up and do fun activities with each other, and make everyone feel a little less alone.


3. Low Costs

During these unpredictable times we all know that budgets are tight, especially for non-essential industries. So, having virtual team building activities could be a better option! Virtual team building activities have a much lower cost than the usual physical team building events. I mean, think about it, they already have the benefit of zero venue costs due to the fact that they take place inside your very own home! Besides that, some virtual team activities are even free, so you won’t need to fork out any costs at all. With this in mind, the advantages of running a virtual team building activity far outweighs the disadvantages!


4. Versatile

The best thing about Virtual Team Building is that most of them can be tailored specifically to your team. They can also take place at any time suited to you, in the comfort of your own home! No more travelling to venues or dealing with any last minute inconveniences. Just open your laptop or pc, sit down, and enjoy the fun virtual activities that your team has planned!


5. Increase Collaboration and Teamwork

When relationships between employees are strong, they are able to communicate better, work together, solve problems and manage conflicts more effectively. Virtual team building activities can help to strengthen relationships and collaboration in these hard times. It could even help team members change their mindset from a “me” mentality to a “we” mentality. A virtual team building game will bring your team together and remind them of their working goals. Reminding all team members that they are in this together and even after everything, they are still a great team.


6. Encourage creativity

Your creativity could slightly falter when you are stuck at home without the rest of your team. If you are used to discussing with each other to come up with new and exciting ideas you could find yourself frustrated at the long period without your colleagues. A virtual team building activity gives you the time to get inspired and come together as one team. Some activities even require you to think out of the box to solve problems, which can help slowly bring out your creativity again as well.

There is no doubt that we are all currently going through some hard times, no one knows what the future holds for us. So at this time, coming together as a team has never been more important. Give each other some moral support, some motivation, and most importantly some company to show that no one is going through this alone! As a team you will get through this together. So get ready to plan some exciting virtual team building activities for your team and have a fun and enjoyable time with each other!

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