Leftover ingredients during baking are rare but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen! Perhaps you’ve wrongly measured out your ingredients, or there’s just that little bit of chocolate left behind that would just go to waste if you just washed it down the drain.

Leftovers are great for just making a small portion of full recipes, so it’s god for a trial run of other new recipes that you’ve been meaning to try out to! Just remember to double check your measurements when you adjust for a smaller portion.
Here are some suggestions on how to use your remaining ingredients.

DIY Premix

While we’re all here for fancy and pretty desserts here at My Weekend Plan, there is no denying the ease and timeliness of having a premix on hand.
Sort out a premix of your dry ingredients along with a small note of your list of wet ingredients into an airtight container. If you’re into microwavable desserts, you can just bake it in a mug as well, like mug cakes!

The reason why you don’t want to place your wet ingredients into your premix is because they tend to have a shorter shelf life than dry ingredients. If you don’t intend on using your premix anytime soon, it’s best not to risk potentially spoiling the rest of the ingredients.
Remember to store your DIY premix in a cool and dry area to prevent mold.

Cookie Cup/Crusts

If you’ve got some remaining flour that’s just not enough for another proper recipe, you can make some primitive cookie cups or crusts. You can make these into a shell for mini tarts and fill them with anything you want!

Grab some instant custard and chop up some fruit to make a quick and easy fruit tart. No one can deny topping it off by spraying some whipped cream to give it just that little touch of class.

Puffs and Pie Crusts

When you’ve made some dough for your pies and such, you might get some leftovers from the cutoffs that you’re not sure what to do with. After all, it’s still perfectly good dough, it would be a waste to throw it all away!
Simply remold the remaining dough and roll it out to make puffs!

Curry puffs are something that every Malaysian loves! You can deep fry your puffs and enjoy them fully knowing that you haven’t wasted food today.
Pie crusts are also an e way to use our leftover dough. Just prepare some filling in a ceramic bowl, it can be either savoury or sweet, and cover it before just baking it in the oven for a few minutes.

Cobblers or Crumbles

Cobblers and crumbles are great for using up leftover ingredients too. While these are more well known for their sweet versions. You can also make savoury cobblers and crumbles.

There’s a comfort and simplicity to cobblers and crumbles. It embodies the basics of baking that everybody loves: to throw stuff together and shove it into the oven, then digging into your delicious baked goods!
So you can use this idea for all the different meal courses: appetiser, main course and desserts. It is the hot pot of baking with how it can use up pretty much any leftover ingredients.

Drizzle or Fondue

Everyone loves chocolate!
If you have baking as a hobby, you have either already made a recipe with chocolate or are thinking of making one. However unless you are amazingly exact in how you use your chocolate, you’re bound to have a bowl or so leftover.

So you can use your remaining chocolate as a drizzle or even a fondue if you want to indulge yourself in chocolatey goodness.
If you have baking chocolate, maybe you can even use it as a dip. Just melt the chocolate using the double boiler method and dip in some fresh fruits before leaving them out to harden.

There are so many different ways for you to be able to use up whatever leftover baking ingredient that you have.
There’s no need to waste food simply because you didn’t manage to use all the ingredients that you have prepared beforehand. These few methods are really good for people that only bake every once in a while, baking ingredients have a tendency to be sold in bulk amounts.
So using them any chance you can get will help to make sure that you don’t open your pantry one day just to find that everything has gone off.
If simple isn’t really what you really want to do, take a look at our Seasonal and Promo Classes which change every 2-3 months. You can have a certified chef guide you through more complicated and advanced recipes.