Every office has a wide range of personalities working in it. Which type do you fall into 😂😂 ?

The ’A‘mbition

“ I Can Do It !” The person who has a strong desire to do or to achieve something

The ‘B’ully

The person who always acts like a boss, kick all the “balls” to you and ask you to settle for them.

The ‘C’omplainer

Someone who’s always pick something and constantly complain about, their boss, their friend, or even their neighbor.

The ‘D’rama Queen

Someone who always responds to such or any other situations for that matter, in the most melodramatic ways.

The ‘E’fficient One

Someone Who’s always complete a task on time, and you will never see them to work overtime.

The ‘F’oodie

All they want to talk about is food, and where are the best places to eat for the next lunch.

The ‘G’ossip

Someone who’s always Gossip; in the office, in the pantry, or even in the toilet ! they know everything there is to know.

The ‘H’ero

“ Do You Need Help ?” They are dedicated and supportive, always help the colleagues or friends if they facing a problem.

The ‘I’ am So Funny Person

People of this type love to crack dumb and boring jokes, and think they are very good at it.

The ‘J’ealous one

They always jealous of someone or you and see you as a threat, which is why they try to make you look bad.

The ‘K’now-It-All

They have an answer for everything. Yes is EVERYTHING. Know-it-alls interject their glowing insights at every single chance.

The ‘L’azy Ones

Someone who come late every day and do pretty much nothing all day. Usually what they do is to browse through their social media or phone.

The ‘M’essy One

And last but not least that person who always has a messy desk. You will wonder are they living there?

The ‘N’onsense One

They always engage you in the conversation for a long time and listen to their nonsense.

The ‘O’ver Optimistic Guy

“Be Positive!” Even Through the company is closing down. They still believe everything will be alright.

The ‘P’erfectionist

Someone who aims at achieving perfection in every given task and never made.

The ‘Q’uiet One

They always quiet in the office and doesn’t interact with others. You won’t find them hanging around during lunch time.

The ‘R’isk Taker

They are extremely confident, willing to go against the grain and to embrace the possibility of failure.

The ‘S’tressed-Out

Someone who’s always stressed out, you can tell straight from their face that “ I’m Stress, don’t come and talk to me!”

The ‘T’alker

The one that never stops talking. They will try to talk about anything and everything, and the topic will never end.

The ‘U’nderperforming One

Someone who is not doing well at their job, and struggle to achieve the targeted KPI every quarter.

The ‘V’ictim

Someone who’s always trying to convince everyone that they aren’t treated fairly and have more work than everyone around them.

The ‘W’orkaholic

The first in and last to leave, their life is all about working

The ‘“X’cuses One

Unable to hit timeline? late for working? No matter how they will give you an excuse.

The ‘Y’olo One

“You only live once baby, work hard and play hard! Let’s party tonight”!

The ‘Z’ombie

Typical IT man, no talk and communication with others. Every night OT in the office and their eye look like “walking dead”.

There you have it, the A-Z types of workers in office. Not every type of employee is loved in the office, you will find some employee very hard to deal with. Wonder how to work with a difficult colleague? There are various ways in which therapy may be useful to help resolve workplace issues. For example, the Employee Care Programme, Our employee care programme is a programme which allows employees to come together, have fun and build relationships through a variety of activities that can be conducted at your company. Show your employees that you care about their personal interests and hobbies aside from work. Provide them with the opportunity to bond across departments, creating a positive and happy working culture that your employees will thank you for. Want to know more about our program ? Contact Us Now !