Unfortunately, not every recipe allows you to just crack in a whole egg into your batter. However separating your yolks from your whites is not an easy task. Many recipes specifically call for egg whites or yolks, and many people make egg-white-only dishes to reduce cholesterol. Whatever your reasons, there are plenty of tips that will help you avoid a painful separation. Try out any one of these 5 different ways to separate your yolks and whites and find out which is the easiest method for you!


1. Separate with your hands

The first method is using your own hands. Make sure to really wash your hands thoroughly, we don’t want any unwanted germs sticking in the eggs! Refer to our instructions below for more.


2. The eggshell method

Before you get started on this 2nd method, make sure you understand the risks first. We advise for the eggshells to be cleaned evenly as to avoid any harmful bacteria on the shell that could get in contact with the egg. That being said, if you plan to use the eggs runny or raw, you should consider other method out of the 5 being suggested!


3. The slotted spoon method

If you have a slotted spoon in your pantry, then you’re in luck! You can use it to separate egg yolk from the egg white just like how we demonstrated below.


4. The water bottle method

This 4th method is the easiest to do and super risk-free! It doesn’t require any contact except from the mouth of the bottle (which is clean) sucking in the egg yolk and just like that, you’re done! Just a little tip, tilting the bottle a little may make the process easier.


5. The funnel method

Funnels have been a good assistance for a lot of things. This time, you can use it for getting the yolk off from the egg white, too! Just follow our steps provided below. Just like the bottle, tilting the funnel can make the whole process easier.

Next time you see recipes with separated eggs, do not get intimidated anymore! We provided you with not one, but 5 methods to make your separating egg process easier. Feel free to pick any that you think is easiest and suitable. If you want any more tips and tricks to assist in your baking journey, we have a bunch of community to answer to your baking needs. More of a solo learner? No worries! You can head on over here for more of our variety of tips and tricks and dessert recipes that you can learn on your own.

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