Who doesn’t love cheesecakes? Especially when they are light, cottony and fluffy. Learn how to make Japanese Cotton Cheesecake to be best served on its own, with your favorite cup of tea or coffee. You deserve an Asian-style High Tea like this. Let’s start with these easy-peasy steps!


Cream Cheese – 250g
Milk – 200ml
Butter – 120g
Egg Yolk – 5
Flour – 60g (Preferably All Purpose Flour/ Cake Flour)
Corn Flour – 30g
Egg White – 5
Icing Sugar – 150g

1. Double Boil Ingredients A, stir evenly until no particles.
2. Add ingredients B, add the egg yolks one by one and mix well.
3. Remember to use a sieve to filter before adding flour and corn flour.
4. Beat ingredients C until it is foamy, take 1/3 of the whipped egg white and add it to the cheese paste. Stir it evenly, repeat the steps, and finally pour the stirred cheese batter into the remaining egg white and mix well.
* 8 inch mold, 130 degrees, 90 minutes baking

After finishing all the steps, you got yourself a super fluffy cheesecake that is ready to be served with your favorite coffee.

Extra Tips:
Using water/steam bath method (put water in another tray and put the tray at the bottom)

With the right instructions, baking is super easy and enjoyable! However, if you have any confusions or inquiries, we are always ready to help.

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