This crepe cake is easy to see and most importantly, delicious! People will think it took you hours to prepare but it is actually so simple when you follow our step by step recipe.

Let’s prepare this French Mango Crepe Cake with a delicious touch of lemon, mango & orange; covered with a delicious whipped cream, decorated with mango and syrup. You don’t need an oven to prepare it, what are you waiting for?

Ingredients for Crepe:
Milk – 1L
All-purpose flour – 500g
Vanilla Extract – 2tsp
Eggs – 6
Salt – A Pinch

Ingredients for Cream Cheese:
Cream Cheese – 600g
Icing Sugar – 200g
Lemon Juice – 3tsp
Gelatine – 10g

Ingredients for Mango puree:
Mango – Leftover of 3 Mango
Sugar – 1-2tbsp
Orange Juice – 100ml

Ingredients for Mango pectin:
Mango puree
Condensed Milk – 150ml
Gelatine – 10g
Mango Jam – 200g

1) Mix all the ingredients of the crepe part. Then fry the crepes in a square or rectangular nonstick pan. Then, roll the crepe onto the rolling pin and pour the new crepe batter onto the end of the previous one until you have a large roll of crepe.
2) Peel and slice the mango. Remove the seeds from the remaining mango and leave the pulp for the use in the mango puree.
3) For the cream cheese sauce, mix the cream cheese and icing sugar. If you add 10g of gelatine, the cream cheese sauce becomes very firm. Now, roll out a layer of crepes from the rolling pin and roll immediately onto the mopped glass. Spread the cream cheese sauce over the crepe between the rolling pin and the glass.
4) Put the cream cheese sauce on the crepe and put slices of mango on top of the cream cheese sauce. Cover the cake completely with the remaining cream cheese sauce and refrigerate for about an hour.


5) Boil all the remaining mangoes, sugar, and orange juice in a pot.
6) Carefully remove the glass and pour about one-third of the mango puree into the hole.
7) Dissolve the gelatine of the mango pectin in water and heat the remaining ingredients in a pan. Then stir the gelatine into the mango puree, next let it cool slightly before pouring it over the cake. Then leave the cake in the fridge for a few hours, preferably overnight. Garnish with mango cubes and chocolate.


Pair it with your favorite tea and your french mango crepe cake is ready to be devoured.


So what do you think of this recipe, easy as ABC right? As long as you follow our steps, you are good to go! Let us know if you have any questions or curiosity.

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