This is the most simple chocolate chip cookies you’d ever encountered! 

It requires no fancy ingredients, no chilling time, just an easy, straightforward, remarkably delicious chocolate chip cookie that will turn out perfect every single time!

But first, let’s have a quick run through all about chocolate chip cookies, shall we? All chocolate chip cookies– whether they’re soft, chewy, or crispy– are made from the same ingredients.

However, it’s the ratio of ingredients and simple modifications that create the textural differences. For example, soft chocolate chip cookies requires creaming of butter and sugar to create a light base and it also needs more brown sugar than white sugar in the batter in addition of a tad-bit of cornstarch adding softness to their texture.

Chewy chocolate chip cookies however uses melted butter, an extra egg yolk (to whatever yield of recipe you’re doing) but also with higher number of brown sugar compared to white sugar.

Crispy chocolate chip cookies requires more white sugar than brown and also milk to help create a crispy cookie- which is what we’re about to share to you today!

Recipe as follow;



All-purpose Flour – 130g

Caster Sugar- 40g

Unsalted Butter- 100g

Dark Choco Chip – 60g



  1. Measure and prepare the 4 ingredients needed.
  2. By using spoon to mix well the unsalted butter, caster sugar and all-purpose flour.
  3. Next, add the chocolate chip and mix well.
  4. Measure same size of the dough. By using 140-150’ bake for 23 minutes, until light golden brown colour.


Additional Tips
  • The butter needs to be soft (But the temperature is still cold)
  • The size of the cookie should be the same as much as possible, so that the color is evenly baked


So, what do you guys think? It’s very easy, right? Try it out for yourself!

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