Wondering how it feels like to get something meaningful done together with your workmates other than rushing endless deadlines? Feeling like having a short getaway from the workload with your colleagues but prefer to stay indoors? Ready to bring your company’s weekend activity to the next level? Fret not! My Weekend Plan is here to offer you a weekend-activity package that will not only leave you empty-handed at the end of the day but also give you an extra little boost in your leadership skills at work. Here are the 5 things in leadership you will learn from our baking team building activity:



Our series of indoor team building activities invite participants to get some hands-on experience in baking activities in which communication plays a great role to get the perfect outcome. While the skill and knowledge do matter, they are nothing without a team that knows how to coordinate and work together. Just like someone said: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together! Effective communication helps in ensuring the accurate and fast delivery of commands and instructions which promotes a good and smooth workflow, just like how it is in a smooth baking process. And this is something that is to be expected in our simple team building activities on offer where communication is key to deliver a perfect end-product. So, don’t be afraid to point out mistakes and voice your opinion in the kitchen and workplace alike. After all, everyone is in the same boat together.

Positive outlook

A good leader never belittles or berates his or her teammates, regardless of their position or the situation they are facing. There are times when there are some teammates who need a little help or a push to overcome a problem or a lack of skill. Hence, it is of the responsibility of those who are doing a better job to pour in some positive commitment and to provide some constructive support to improve themselves. Sure, everyone makes mistakes and has their downsides. So, it takes the teammate and team leader to put in trust and positive belief that we can make it through thick and thin together and help each other on the same path towards the same goal.


What makes a good leader is its ability to have an eye of the most suitable working modes or process that generates the greatest benefit for in a team. In short, our team building activities require everyone to stand up and be a good observer and learner at the same time. To watch and learn is the key to identify issues immediately and to improvise skill at the same time. An observant leader knows what needs to be done to improve the work process and aware of how strategies should change over time in line with the current situation. In this way, the team has a good working direction that hits the target perfectly.


Baking a cake is not just about mixing all the ingredients and let it sit in the oven for a day. It is a work that involves creativity and innovation to keep up with the current trend. Our corporate team building activities not only promote creative and innovative thinking, but they also encourage participants to generate team building ideas for work. The team building ideas applied to complete a task in the activity can also be applied effectively at work. Innovative ideas are the catalyst to a great business and to promote ‘work-smart’ culture among the employees, which is very much sought after in the current work trend.


Every business values maximum production and the best outcome at work. However, close camaraderie between teammates promotes a good working environment which in turn helps to boost the production line and work efficiency in the long run. Worry not! Our proposed team building games tailored to your desired taste are here to help you and your teammates to get to know each other better and break the ice at work. So, let loose the tension and forget about conflicts at work. Dive in the sheer joy and precious moments of being together with your colleagues while enjoying the baking process in the kitchen. After all, your workplace is just like your second home where you spend most of the time during the day and your colleagues are like your family friends whom you meet almost every day.

So are you ready to dive in and learn to bake a variety of different cakes and pastries with your team? Feel free to drop by or contact us for reservations or more info.