Baking ingredients could be quite tricky at times. Basic ingredients such as flour and sugar could also comes in an array of variations. Have you ever struggled in recognising these ingredients before? Well, not anymore! Here are some of the essential baking ingredients infographics on the variations and usage.



Flour are the most essential ingredient in baking, it’s the foundation of almost every bake goods. However, we may only know a few generic ones such as all-purpose flour and self-raising flour. But there are various more on the list. Take a look at these types of flours and their uses;



Oil and Butter

Oil and butter are also fundamental in baking. Some keep the bake goods moist, some to keep it shiny. It is very handy!


Leavening Agent

Leavening agents act to lift bake goods. Some are trickier than the others in terms of its usage. But everything is well-explained in the infographics below;


Cream and Cheese

Dairy products such like milk, cream and cheese is not necessarily a must in all recipes. However, it is useful to know the variations and usage for references.



Sugar are also very crucial in baking next to flour. Here are some types of sugar and its usage;

Binding Agent

As the name suggests, binding agent acts as binder in baking and could be really useful in baking. The most famous ones is agar agar and gelatine but there are some more rare ones too like xanthan gum. Take a look at it;

Additional Info

Conversion in baking could be tricky because baking is all about accurate measurement and science. Here is a conversion chart that is simple for you guys to follow;


So, what do you guys think about all these essential baking ingredients? Quite a few, right?  We hope you guys do find this helpful and let us know what you think of it!

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