We all love freshly baked homemade cookies, but sometimes things don’t quite go as we envisioned them. There are a lot of little things that can go wrong to make your cookies less than perfect. It is time to perfect your cookies and not let yourself be disappointed every time you take them out of the oven. Though they are easy to make, they are also easy to get wrong too! Worry not, we have a list of common cookie baking mistakes and how you can fix them. We hope you would love them and find them useful!


Flat & Rock Hard Cookies

When your cookies become flat and rock hard, it could because there is too much sugar used while baking. Identify the reasoning listed below and find out how you can fix your hard rock cookies.


Dry & Stiff Cookies

Did your biscuits not spread out as desired and taste dry and crumbly? You probably have too much flour in the recipe.


Dark & Crispy Cookies

If your cookies came out resembling the third one in the biscuit line up of shame, it’s likely that they were made from good dough, but either baked for too long or at too high a temperature. Try fixing them with our tips below.


Pale & Soft Cookies

These cookies aren’t hard to identify from the batch. They were probably baked from a good consistency dough but ended up a bit under baked and raw on the inside.


Crispy on the outside, raw on the inside

At one glance it looks like you have achieved the perfect cookies, but when you bite it all that crashes because your cookies is raw on the inside. You’re most likely looking at too much butter in your biscuit dough. That, or the dough wasn’t cool enough before baking.


Butter Consistency

The butter consistency affect how your cookies turn out. Find out which consistency is the best for the type of cookies you are going for!


Type of Flour

Different type of flours have different protein content. The higher the content is, the more structured your cookies will be. So, when preparing the ingredients to make cookies, ensure your flour has the suitable protein content that you want.


Baking Powder vs Baking Soda

If you are a baker, you must have known that baking powder and baking soda will give a different affect to your baking goods. Refer to our tips below to achieve the type of texture that you prefer for your cookies.


Brown sugar vs White sugar

As much as sugar is vital in baking, its type also plays an important role. Brown sugar and white sugar will give different affect to your cookies.

We hope these explanations have set you on the right track if you’ve been experiencing some cookie woes. Remember, practice makes perfect. Everybody’s kitchen equipment and ingredients are slightly different, so it might take you a few tries to perfect your cookies even if you have a great recipe.

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