Baking has always been perceived as one of the tedious skills apart from cooking. It involves math and science– all those hassles. But when the world was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and MCO was implemented, it has been the only topic that’s been talked about ever since. With viral videos on social media like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, everyone is now an avid baker. But just how far are their skills and limitations?

Since MCO hasn’t been lifted just yet, many are advised to just stay at home in curbing the deadly virus and naturally there is a lot of time to spare– that’s where people are tapping into outlets in order to spend their time– baking! However with limited resources it could be quite an hindrance and that is where online baking classes come in handy.

Why would I need to sign up for online baking classes?


1. Turn your passion into side-hustles

As aforementioned, baking is a set of skills that are limited and valuable. Are you an amateur home-baker? Take this time and opportunities to level up your skills and who knows it could become an income-generating hobby, right?
Understandably, the economic climates aren’t exactly ideal for anyone really– why won’t you venture into baking as a side-hustle apart from working from home, right? Especially when baking is one of your passions, it’d be a great combination!


2. Stress Reliever

Speaking of doing something you loved and excited about, it’d have a great impact on your mental health- tremendously! According to Julie Ohana , a culinary art therapist in her interview with CNBC, baking is soothing and meditative which acts as a stress-reliever. Apart from that, you’ll get to spend some quality time with your family members baking and make it as a bonding activity.


3. Boost Your Confidence

Improving your baking knowledge especially when it comes to the most technical and intricate part of baking i.e. the decorating processes, it would help tremendously if you go straight to the professionals and ask for their advice and tips. This will allow you to start believing in your own kitchen skills hence bringing out your confidence.

Apart from that, this will also offer a personal satisfying experience especially because it prevents you from committing the same mistakes that you committed in the past regarding cake preparation, decorations and whatnot.


4. Show Love!

A homemade, decorated cake with a message from loved ones is priceless. It is customisation at its very best and it enables you to send pleasant surprising messages to those you care for. The recipient of such gifts will be touched by your love. It is definitely not a store-bought cake and exclusive to the recipient which makes it extra, extra special and is truly a great way to spread love and happiness.


5. Convenience

The fifth benefit to taking online baking courses is the convenience of learning in your own home, whenever you feel like it. Distractions and responsibilities of life can hinder learning a set of new skills and it is really quite impossible. However, online baking courses allow students to learn when it is convenient for them, and therefore allows them to have learning experience to be non intrusive to their daily responsibilities. Regardless of the intensity of their schedule, taking online baking courses can provide them with the versatility to make learning fit smoothly into their own schedule.

On top of that, they’d be in a comfortable environment of their home whilst learning via online baking classes at their own pace. They also don’t have to go through the hassle of going out hence minimising the risks of getting infected by the virus. Most importantly, they’ll get to know exactly what’s the ingredient of their baked goods, and even control the measurements and portions of it which could help in living a healthy, balanced life.


How does it work?

With the new implementation of the new norm, physical face-to-face interactions are discouraged but with the help of technology and gadgets it isn’t as different as you might think. Learning online has never been easier! Once you’ve enrolled in the classes, you got the option of having the ingredients (yes, including the wet ingredients) delivered to your doorsteps, or without it.

You will then be added to a private Facebook Group where all of the learnings and materials will be taught there. This includes tutorial videos for you to rewatch, a live stream two-way interactive session with the chef instructors and most importantly, you’ll get to upload your baked goods and ask for a consultation from the chef instructors any time at all!

So, what do you think? Comment down below your thoughts or any advice on how online baking classes are useful and beneficial. In case you are looking for an online baking class, check out our baking classes here both online and offline.