Wonder how to handle the Stress Management In The Workplace? Sometimes, Jobs can be stressful for many reasons, and some people suffer more acutely from stress than others. If you’re in a supervisor position, it’s important that you’re able to monitor the stress management in the workplace and recognize key signs of stress in your employees.

1. Fatigue.

Everyone have tired days but if somebody is coming to work looking consistently overtired it may be worth a conversation, this is the sign that an employee is overstressed

2. Short temper.

Short temper
If your employee constantly throws a temper tantrum as you have never seen before, it means they are not being able to control the temper is a red flag where the work stress is concerned.

3. Feeling negative, depressed.

Feeling negative, depressed
If your employee who typically doesn’t show a wide range of emotion suddenly often becoming angry or upset easily, they could be struggling with work stress.

4. A change in typical behaviors.

A change in typical behaviors

Perhaps you have a colleague who usually eats substantial meals and now start skipping lunch and working through every day. Noticeable changes in behavior are a sign that something may not be right.

5. Change in appearance.

Change in appearance
When people could not handle their stress management, they will be paying less attention to themselves, changing the way they live and usually it shows in their general appearance.


So How To Motivate Employees?

The creative workshop is a good way to relieve your employee stress and motivate employees. By attending workshops such as our Baking and Cooking classes, you will not only get to learn new recipes, but also reap therapeutic benefits when eating your stress away so you can return to work with a full tummy and a spring in your step!

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