Sometimes, putting the cake in the oven consumes too much time. Sometimes you just want to make a cake and get right on into eating them once you are done! Or, the worst case scenarios is, you don’t have an oven! Sit back and relax, we totally get you. You should perk up your ears for what we are about to ask you. Looking for no bake cake recipes? Want to make the best fridge cake? Try our ideas and twists here. If you want to bake a cake but don’t have an oven, then we have plenty of solutions for you that use your fridge instead, from ice box cakes and cheesecakes to ice cream cakes and more.


1. Classic Cheesecake

Of course, a no-bake recipe list is not perfect without a classic cheesecake. This smooth and creamy cheesecake is good to be served at any moment, even better when it does not require baking! Follow our recipe above.


2. Boston Cream Pie

Fancy a little bit of cake, a little bit of pie? We have this Boston cream pie recipe for you! This dessert has been around for a while. It originates in – you guessed it – Boston! Try it out for a taste of Boston.


3. Oreo Cheesecake

It is no secret that Oreo is loved by almost everyone. This Oreo Cheesecake is made for Oreo lovers. It is thick, creamy and filled with cookies and cream! Explode your taste buds with Oreo and cheesecake goodness with this recipe.


4. Tiramisu

Done correctly, a classic tiramisu can be transcendent. A creamy dessert of espresso-soaked ladyfingers surrounded by lightly sweetened whipped cream and a rich mascarpone, the combination of bitterness and sweetness is unbelievably delicious. Have a taste, try out this no-bake tiramisu recipe.


5. Mango Float

This is not your typical mango float drink, it’s better – it’s a cake! This icebox cake that originates from Filipino doesn’t require any oven and will take only short time to make! Want to make a quick dessert on a hot day? This mango float is for you.

All these recipes that we listed above are aimed to make your baking journey do-able and fun, even when you don’t own an oven! Choose any that you like most and have fun indulging in your yummy dessert. If you have curiosity, let us know or better yet, ask and meet your future baking friends in our community!

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