When it comes to any dish, especially baked goods, naming is meant to be helpful first and foremost. In the dish’s names, there is the name of the ingredient (sometimes more than one) and maybe the category of dessert it is.

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An example of this is a Raspberry Pie. In the name, you can fully understand the main ingredient and the kind of dessert you need to expect. But sometimes you will come across desserts that are so fancily named that it’s a wild guess just to figure out what it’s made of.
If you like unnecessarily posh names, you’ll love this list of desserts with weird names. Add these to your to-bake list,’cause it’s fun to say you made them!

1. Spotted Dog Bread

Amazingly enough, this is not some cute Dalmatian-shaped bun.
Spotted Dog Bread is a traditional Irish soda bread that is also called other equally weird names like curnie cake, railway cake. It is made by adding raisins or currants into the batter, hence the “spots” in the name.

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What makes soda bread different from normal breds is that it is made with baking soda as its leavening agent rather than yeast.. Isn’t it interesting how there are so many different types of bread in the world?
This bread has a super simple recipe that even kids can help to make!

2. Hummingbird cake

If you like carrot cake, you will love having a huge piece of Hummingbird Cake all to yourself.
Banana, pineapple and spice!

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This cake is layered with cream cheese frosting and optionally topped with toasted pecans or walnuts. This cake was named after the national bird of Jamaica, it’s place of origin. It also explains the heavy use of tropical fruits in this recipe.

3. Buckle Cake

When people hear the word “buckle” the first thing they tend to think of is a belt buckle. So if you were to imagine a Buckle Cake without having ever seen or heard of it before, you would like to think of a cake that has been shaped into a belt buckle.
However, there is another meaning for “buckle”: To collapse under the weight of something.


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This dessert is similar to cobblers and crumbles such that it is sometimes topped by golden roasted streusel. It is baked such that the cake rises around the fruit (usually berries), giving it the impression that the cake has “buckled” under the weight of the fruits.

4. Knickerbocker Glory

A Knickerbocker Glory is a layered ice cream sundae typically served in a tall conical glass. This is one of the poster children of ice creams along with banana splits despite its name having fallen into disuse.
“Knickerbocker” was a common Dutch surname among New York’s early settlers and this is one of the few theories about where the name of this delicious dessert comes from.

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The alternating layers of ice cream and other condiments (like fruits, nuts, meringue or chocolate) is topped with fluffy whipped cream. But you wouldn’t know this from the name Knickerbocker Glory, which brings to mind old fashioned underwear. Because knickers.

5. Fairy bread

The most criminal of naming offenses goes to Fairy Bread.
Although it is a well known dessert in Australian Culture, it comes from the same naming convention of our Malaysian “Sky Juice”. Without the cheeky joy of a thinly veiled pun.


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It is simply slices of white bread with butter spread on it and heavily covered with sprinkles, specifically, the hundreds-and-thousands kind of sprinkles. Fairy bread has a superior cousin, funfetti desserts. These are baked goods like cakes and muffins with sprinkles baked into them, giving them a speckled and colourful presentation.
Fairy Bread is almost insultingly simplistic that you can find articles and blog discussions online about the value of Fairy Bread as a dessert and snack. You will also find just as many articles embracing it as part of many Australian’s childhoods.
Either way, there’s nothing really enchanting or magical about Fairy Bread unless you’re looking at them through rose-tinted glasses.


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When the names of these desserts get increasingly ridiculous, it just adds to the passion and fun you will have by enjoying making these treats. Just saying their names is fun because of the confusion you will see on the faces of your friends and family before presenting them a delicious dessert!
We might have some of these desserts with names for you to learn in our ever changing Seasonal and Promotional baking classes. Come and see if anything we’re offering tickles your fancy!