We use many different types of creams for all kinds of desserts, especially whipping cream. But different brands give different qualities and characteristics. How do you know which one is easier to whip or which one has the strongest milk flavor? Here we give you a helpful guide for common creams, so that you can figure out which kind is best for your recipe!

First of all, let’s start with learning the classifications of creams. Generally, there are two types of cream. Learn the differences between these two types so you know what type of whipping cream is best for your baking goods.


Now that you have learnt the types of whipping cream, let’s get right into our 4 creams assessment.

1. President Whipping Cream

2. Elle & Vire Whipping Cream

3. Anchor Whipping Cream

4. Milac Whipping Cream

These 4 brands have different origins and butterfat content. Other than that, we also help to rate which whipping cream has the most whipping rate and level of whiteness to the least. Knowing these details about whipping cream would really play a role in determining how your desserts turn out!

It’s just an ingredient, but whipping cream plays an important role in baking. But, it’s hard to know which one is okay for you, maybe one is too expensive or other one is too milky. Maybe these extra information from which whipping cream has the most milk fragrance or milk flavor and price to the least.

We know it can be frustrating when you buy a whipping cream and it’s not up to your liking. We hope all these information that we provide can help you to pick the best whipping cream of your choice. Remember, each brand of cream has their own pros and cons, so think about what kind of result you want in your dessert before buying!

All the information is based on our experiences in our baking journey. Do let us know if you have any extra insight.

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