Attention all HR workers, did you know that team building activities aren’t limited exclusively to just outdoor activities? While not as well known, indoor activities can make for great team building activities. We’re not talking about those silly trust building games either. We’re talking about activities like workshops or classes that are not only fun but also help liven up the mood at the office.


Did you know? Indoor team building activities can be separated into two types. Physical activities and also creative activities. Physical indoor activities are as the name implies, activities that require physical effort. These include indoor rock climbing, archery, and dodgeball to name a few. These physically challenging activities will test the limits of your team’s endurance, cooperation and focus, which makes them excellent activities for team building as well. The pros to these indoor activities are that they are not limited by weather conditions which make them perfect for a spontaneous Friday night team building outings.


On the other end of the spectrum are creative team building activities. These activities focus solely on learning new things, letting creativity flow into one’s work, and most importantly fun for everyone. They are great for developing one’s core competencies like leadership, adaptability and creativity which is great for increasing one’s work efficiency. But ultimately these creative indoor activities have one thing in common, which is that they are just simply fun to do.


Why indoor team building activities?


If you didn’t know, creative indoor activities are the latest trend in team building activities now. More and more companies choose to conduct their team building sessions with creative indoor activities. Why, you ask? Here are the main reasons:


1. Increased core work competencies

Unlike outdoor corporate team building activities which focuses more on building team rapport. Indoor team building activities have the added benefit of developing various core competencies crucial for improving work performance like leadership, trust, adaptability, problem-solving, and multitasking to name a few. The secret lies in how the activities are done. Creative Indoor team building activities require team members to think and cooperate together to get the tasks done, much like in a usual office setting. This makes indoor activities an ideal simulator for workplace problems.

2. Variety of choices

What makes indoor team building activities unique is the variety of choices of fun activities that you can choose from. There is bound to be one indoor activity for your team that fits their physical capabilities and comfort zones. You wouldn’t ask an IT team to go rock climbing, would you? These activities can range from cooking classes and workshops to exciting fun-filled activities like laser tag or nerf war. It is this variety that makes creative indoor activities the preferred team building choice.

3. Not limited by climate

Let’s face it, Malaysia’s weather is just too unpredictable. It can be sunny today, rainy tomorrow. How to plan for a team building activity like that? This is not an issue for indoor team building activities. No more cancelled outings due to Malaysia’s temperamental weather. Just give the activity provider a call and enjoy some quality bonding time with your team.

4. Reduce Stress

Creative indoor activities are also great for reducing stress. One can fully immerse oneself in these fun and creative activities and forget all about the stress faced at work. With so many types of creative activities to choose from, you can try out something new every week. Stress begone!

5. Better facilities

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the main reason why indoor activities are much more preferred compared to outdoor activities is due to the availability of facilities like changing rooms, air-conditioning and shower facilities. Just because you’re there for team building doesn’t mean you have to be inconvenienced due to lack of facilities right?


Indoor activities recommendation

Now that we’ve convinced you the benefits of indoor activities over outdoor activities. Let’s dive into our recommended fun indoor corporate team building activities you should totally try out this weekend.


1. Baking Classes

Who doesn’t love the great smell of freshly baked goods? It’s a smell so satisfying that it just melts away any stress. This is the power of self-fulfilment and aromatherapy. Contrary to common belief, baking classes is a great and fun way to develop teamwork. Baking requires problem-solving, teamwork, leadership and communication to create a deliciously baked product. All of which, can be applied at work as well.



2. Brush Pen Calligraphy

Brush Pen Calligraphy is penmanship so stylish that it borderlines art. This beautiful font type induces a serene calming effect on all those who can appreciate it. This by no means to imply that Brush Pen Calligraphy is easy to do. This activity demands focus and creativity to pull off the beautiful font style. A perfect activity for these two particular core competencies to be applied at work.


3. Art Jamming

Let the creative juices flow and put it on canvas. Art jamming is a great class to allow oneself to fully express themselves through art. The best part about this activity is that one is not pressured to make amazing works of art. The class creates a peaceful and friendly atmosphere to ensure that creativity can flow as freely as the conversations. The results of this are the improved relationship among teammates and improved creativity that can be applied to work.



4. Wheel Throwing Clay Art

Something about getting one’s hands dirty and moulding art into shape that just feels so satisfying. As the name implies Wheel throwing clay art is done spinning a potter’s wheel on a machine and moulding clay into art using centrifugal motions. One will require great problem-solving capability to understand how the clay is taking shape and also great focus to skillfully mould the clay into the desired shape. What better way to incorporate these traits than by having fun by making clay art. The best part? You get to bring your clay art home with you as well!!



5. Character Bento Making

Character bentos are a great way to have a healthy meal while enjoying the cute character designs at the same time. By carefully cutting shapes from food, one can decorate their bentos with cute and funny character designs. All one would require to make character bentos is a creative mind and skilled hands. Both of these competencies will surely improve overall work efficiency for the company. What a cute and fun way to achieve work-life balance.


As you can see, when it comes to team building activities, indoor activities offer a greater variety and benefits which outdoor activities simply cannot compete. Let’s have fun this weekend and take the team building activities indoors today. Your team will definitely thank you for it!

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