With their Back to 90’s theme and the objective to further enhance the creative industry in Malaysia, RIUH has successfully pull in a big crowd! The 2- days event has brought nothing but joy (:  How did I know? Well, I WAS THERE with my friends and family last weekend !!

I have always loved to experience artsy events. First off, personally I think art is not well appreciated in Malaysia and events that involve arts and crafty stuff is hard to come by. With these events, people will get to see the other side of arts and eventually learn to appreciate them.

Just in case you haven’t saved it, here’s what to expect this weekend. #riuhinthecity

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It’s weird coming out from me because I have never appreciated arts when I was young but looking at my sister who loves arts and crafts. I have begun to appreciate the beauty of it.

I knew it was themed Back to the 90’s , but what I didn’t know was that people would actually take it seriously by wearing retro styled clothing. If I knew, I would have just went along with them and be one of the cool kids haha (:

What surprised me the most was THE CROWD.To be honest, the venue they chose was kind of isolated and if not mistaken it was a printing factory but they still managed to pull in the crowd.

The photo booth was very popular. The whole place were decorated just the way it was back in the 90s. Posters with famous bands and artists back then were also pasted on the wall, along with neon lights.

Did your room look like this back then? Relive the 90s moments at our photobooth.

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My favorite was the game area, like can you believe that they could still find Nintendo consoles these days! Yes, NINTENDO CONSOLES !!! Those really brought back childhood memories, days when Sonic Gear was everything! It was really something that touched my heart and I guess it is true that happy moments can make you cry too.

There was also one spot where participants are allowed to draw or paint anything they want. I really like the concept as they allowed participants to actually do something and experience something. You would also feel like you were a little kid again, drawing and painting anywhere we want. There were also cultural performances where people got to have a taste of Malaysia past glorious days. It was definitely a proud moment.

Catch the Nyonya dance by @encore_melaka tomorrow!

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The atmosphere were further elevated by the Live band, It as definitely a treat to the ears!

It was all chill vibes from start till end. It was definitely a one of a kind experience! Can’t wait for their next event.


And that’s a wrap! Cheers to our good old days and hope for better days in the future! Till then have a great weekend ahead!Stay tuned for more #experiencewithmwp (: (: