Nothing compares to the texture of fresh mochi, the sweet, delightfully chewy rice dough. And when you make it yourself (which takes about 10 minutes), you can really enjoy it fresh, at the peak of its textural pleasures. Chop up the cooled mochi and toss it in roasted soybean flour, and it’s ready to go as a sweet snack or even ice cream topping! Imagine chewing the pillow-y soft mochi with some cool ice-cream. Turn that delicious imagination to reality with this traditional mochi recipe that uses only 4 easy steps!



Glutinous flour – 300g
Flour – 75g
Cassava Flour – 25g
Sugar – 225g
Oil – 1tsp
Pandan Juice (or any food colouring)
Water – 350ml



1. Mix glutinous rice flour, clarified flour, tapioca flour, sugar, oil, and water until there are no particles.
2. Pour into a steamed oiled pan (recommended 8-inch square) and steam for 20 minutes.
3. Fry a little glutinous rice noodles and cook for 5 minutes until cooked.
4. Then divide the steamed dough into two parts, put the cooked glutinous rice flour on the table, coat the dough with pandan juice or any food colouring then slowly roll up and slice into pieces.

Voila! Super easy, isn’t it? Enjoy and chew on these soft treats! With our guidance, you can get yourself a failed-proof and yummy dessert. Take the pressure off yourself and bake worry-free. But you if your mochis aren’t turning out the way it should, don’t hesitate to ask for our help join and ask for the opinions of our helpful community! Both lines are always ready to tend to your baking needs.

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