All of us would like to come back home to a fresh and pleasant scent. A good home fragrance to make you feel extra fresh !


However, spending on air fresheners and perfumes to just achieve that will do more harm than good. First off, it does not only burn your wallet but also pollutes your house. The chemicals they use could be harmful to your health.


This is when I searched online and got to know about Potpourri that’s made from natural ingredients. Potpourri is a mixture of dried petals and spices mixed in a bowl to perfume a room. And lucky me got the opportunity to experience natural potpourri making last weekend! It was nothing but FUN ! (: (:


The class began with the lesson provider showing us the ingredients used for potpourri. All of them were natural ingredients, it was all dried by using a dehydrator machine. There were dried oranges, drieds flowers and leaves, some spices, a stack of Pandan leaves and also essential oils.

We were first told to sprinkle cinnamon powder and a few drops of our preferred essential oils  in our bowl then add dry flowers and leaves along with other spices such as cinnamon sticks , cloves and star anise (: (: It was my first time seeing these spices as I don’t always pay attention to the ingredients used in food I eat HAHA (:


The key ingredient of this whole potpourri was nothing other than PANDAN! We were given 3-4 pandan leaves to work with. We were told to cut the pandan into small pieces with a pair of scissors or we can choose to cut them out with a knife. I chose scissors as I like to take my time and I am not really good at handling knives. Well, I don’t want to lose my fingers at the end of class HAHA(: It may sound and look easy but it was hell of a workout for my fingers man! By the time I finished cutting, my fingers were numb from cutting the PANDAN.

We were then told to mix all the ingredients together slowly and we can choose any ingredients to enhance the smell of the mixture. Everyone has their very own preferred scent so it was definitely like an experiment. To be honest, I have never smelled so much, I can actually feel that my nose working overtime that day!! (: I love the smell of cinnamon so I added a few cinnamon sticks and also the powder to further enhance the smell of it.


We then mixed all the ingredients together, we tossed the ingredients as if we were making fried rice,  like kids playing chef HAHAHAH (: Our lesson provider then gave us small bags for us to put the mix together or we can choose to put the mix in a bowl. And there we have it, THE END PRODUCT ! (:


To be honest, some people would say that it would be a waste of time to go for classes just to mix all the ingredients together. However, by joining this class I did not just learn how to make my very own natural potpourri mix but also get to know a lot of new friends. This is the kind of experience that you don’t want to miss!

And that’s a wrap! Till then have a great weekend! Stay tuned for more #experiencewithmwp (: (: