We all have that lazy afternoon where we don’t want to go shopping but we don’t want to stay at home either. Have had gone  through a hectic week, a place where we could have a cup of latte to just relax and chill would be perfect for a lazy afternoon during weekends.

What better way to spend it on a natured themed cafes, where you surround yourself with lush greenery that calms you down and definitely calms the mind. No idea where ? Here are a few nature themed cafes for you to try !

Aether Cafe

This is definitely the best pit stop to make on a lazy afternoon. The cafe is well decorated and it exudes a very cozy and welcoming vibes. There were greens everywhere, a perfect setting to calm the mind. I suppose you could say that it was like a secret mini garden. It was hidden from the hustle and bustle city. You do not only get to refresh your mind with all the greeneries around but Asian red-cheeked squirrels will also be there to welcome you! They love to scamper around outside the cafe. One special thing about this cafe is that they only serve nutritious food, so it is a NO fried and  NO meat recipes! 


Botanica + Co.

Sunday brunch and cocktail always work. #sundayvibes 📸credit: @lesliepng

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Botanica + Co will never fail when it comes to giving out the best ambiance that a cafe could possibly give. Each and every corner of the cafe is decorated with trees and plants. The interior design of the cafe is also well designed by letting natural sunlight in, making the space bigger, brighter and inviting! It makes you feel warm. The cafe also incorporated hand-woven lamps to bring a romantic touch to the cafe. This would definitely be a good place to have a brunch with your friends and loved ones.


Cafe Racer 15

Cafe Racer 15 can be said a modernized kopitiam. It is similar to all other kopitiams out there but instead of serving local food, this cafe serves western cuisine such as Burgers and all day breakfast and many more. This cafe is all about appreciating the nature so you will have to bask in natural sunlight as you enjoy your cup of coffee. Don’t worry, trees around provide much needed shade so you won’t get a heat stroke! They also provide a creative corner, where you get to draw anything you like with a crayon! how long has it been since you sat down and thought of nothing? Give this cafe a try and you will know what I mean (: (: 

Passion Road Secret Garden

Passion Road Secret Garden is known as the perfect venue for parties and wedding dinners. They are not always open for customers. Doors are open only 2 hours a day, with a total of 5 times a week only! Reservations are required beforehand but their set lunch meals are nice and very affordable at RM 15-20. Greenery greets you everywhere you look !!! You might need to do the booking now! (: 


Now that you know, go visit these cafes and let us know how your lazy afternoon went in one of these cafes in the comment section below! (:(: