Have you been keeping  up with the recent watercolor brush lettering trend? Writing by hand could be a little old-timey, but grab that brush and start writing people, calligraphy is making its comeback!

Watercolor Brush Lettering is more than just mere words, it speaks and shows one’s individuality and personality. It is an art form that allows people to be more observant. The thickness and direction of each stroke made, has its own meaning and can even express one’s emotions on a piece of paper.

In other words, watercolor brush lettering connects, it’s like a game of connect the dots but without rules and by that it helps in building our creativity skills. It may look easy but each watercolor brush lettering project requires a tremendous amount of effort and patience. The act of observing and slowly writing it out in repetition makes watercolor brush lettering extremely beneficial to increase memory and to also improve eye-hand coordination.

Watercolor brush lettering does not only improve your art skills, but it also helps a lot in giving a good impression to people. Who wouldn’t appreciate a beautifully written card? Computer printers could never replicate the unique quality that handwritten watercolor brush lettering brings.

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You would probably think it’s not  achievable and with no talent whatsoever in art, never would you even want to try, but like any other skills, watercolor brush lettering gets better through practicing. You won’t be able to master it right away, a lot of practicing is required to be good at it. Well, nothing worth getting is easy!

Finally have some me-time!

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If there’s even a tiny part of you that goes, “ Maybe I’ll give it a try…” Don’t hesitate no more, give it a shot and you never know, you might be good at it!