We’ve all had those days where we wanted to do nothing but still look good. These outfits are so easy to put together. It takes minimum effort especially when you’re running late or when you don’t feel like dolling up but still want to look that you’ve put a lot of effort to get your look done.


Denim jacket


Nothing can go wrong when it comes to Denim jacket, what are we kidding? Denim jacket looks good with literally anything! It lends a casual vibe but also make you look as if you’ve put a lot of effort into your outfit. You can pair with a cute laced dress and look perfectly gorgeous. There is so many ways to rock a denim jacket.

The easiest and simplest outfit to pull of a denim jacket would definitely be basic t-shirt and good old skinny jeggings or jeans. No time to wash your hair, finish your look with a cap and you’re done! Too hot? Tie them around your waist.

Oversized t-shirt



Love big oversized t-shirt but was often told that you will look all sloppy and undone? Well, good news! Loose t-shirt can help you re-create not only one look but a couple of looks that you might be interested in. Who wouldn’t want to look cute and comfy at the same time.

A classic and intuitive way to wear oversized t-shirts is to make it smaller. You can roll the sleeves or even tuck your shirt in. One better way to rock your oversized t shirt would be making it into a t-shirt dress. You may buy an oversized t shirt that fits perfectly as a dress and pair it with shorts and a pair of boots or your favoritepair of sneakers will do just fine.


Loafers and slip ons


No one would want to tie their shoelaces when they’re running late, so that is why loafers and slip ons are one of the best invention! Imagine, having taken all the time on your makeup and to even choose the perfect outfit, ain’t no time to spare when it comes to choose what footwear or shoes to wear.

Loafers goes well with almost all outfits. There are different types of loafers available in the market right now. However, nothing would go wrong with plain old classic leather loafers.

No kidding! It gives out a classy twist to your outfit and would definitely elevate your outfit to a whole new level!



Jeggings has taken the world by storm, made their mark would definitely stay. Who wouldn’t want an outfit that is both stylish and comfortable? Whether you prefer jeggings that are more towards the skinny and fit side, looser side or more classic denim jeans type, there’s always a pair for you out there.

Choosing dark colours such as black, indigo and dark navy blue for jeggings is always a good choice as darker colours can make one look slimmer. Jeggings draws attention to your lower half, so make sure you pair your jeggings with nice shoes. Perhaps, this could be one of the reason for you to get yourself a new pair of nice high heels !


Now that you know, follow these fashion hacks to look effortlessly fabulous!