Not all of us are an organizing wiz, most of us are just a hot mess. Well, pretty sure I am (:  Whether its school assignments or work projects, life can be an absolute chaos at times!

All of us have different ways of living and different jobs and tasks that we’re juggling, I came to a point where I just want to stop being messy and start organizing my life better but where to start? And how??? Is there an easier way? To save myself, I was lucky enough to join “Get Productive” class last weekend!!!!!  (: (:

We start off by introducing ourselves to the class and get to know each other with games. It was very personalized since the class was small. We then chose the cover and the text paper. What surprised me the most is that we could even choose to STAMP our own name on the book! Several number of materials were also provided for students/ participants to choose from to make their own personalised notebook.


This class is all about providing you with a basic structure on how to start your day and make your day more productive. Here, you can learn to map out your work to fit your lifestyle/schedule and how to prioritize what is really important. Sometimes it’s easier if someone can just walk you through some simple steps that you can take.

During this session, The Real Planner collaborated with ana tomy to create this eye-opening experience into the world of self productivity. Among other skills, Ashley, the CEO of The Real Planner helped us to identify our core values, our tendencies and how to maximize and utilize our mental energies. During this session, i got to know alot more about myself; when is the best time for me to work and when i should just chill and reflect on my day.

Inspired by individuals such as Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad, Prime Minister of Malaysia for the second time! I have always wanted to be so productive, active and efficient at my job and tasks just as Tun Dr. Mahathir is. At the age of 93 and still being able to get so many tasks done in such a short amount of time is amazing and he is truly someone to admire.

I was told that Ashley , which is a firm that strives to unleash your ability to do more and create seamless, applicable frameworks that fit their clients’ goal/needs at every level. She is an activist and productivity expert who specializes in design planning, structuring, and framing life goals that can be easily used in your daily life. She currently manages a blog at I am not even going to lie, she is just AHH-mazing !

Overall, the class did a really good job in understanding my own core values and also my priorities! It certainly helped structure my time to better fit my goals. This whole experience has not only helped me realise how a mess I could be HAHA (:(: but also get to know like-minded people that are learning to improve themselves ! Oh, one more thing, we get to bring our very own customized notebook home. HOW COOL IS THAT!

And that’s a wrap (: Till then have a great weekend! (: (: Stay tuned for more #experiencewithMWP !