Unlike cooking that leaves room for improvisation, baking is more of a science: it involves precision, time, and most importantly- the right tools. This attention to detail results in delicious baked goods, from fluffy breads and moist cakes to buttery flaky pastries and soft chewy cookies.

And there is nothing better than baked goods, especially if you make those cakes, breads, and cookies yourself. As mentioned before, baking is a precise science and beginner/amateurs bakers can benefit a lot from simple baking tools to help them develop basic skills and techniques in the kitchen.

Perhaps you’re an avid baker or just starting with baking and are still clueless in the kitchen, which is completely understandable. Either way, having the right tools can go a long way in preventing baking conundrums. Hence here are a few essential baking tools that you need to kick things off.

1. Sturdy measuring cups and spoons

As aforementioned, baking is precise science hence these measuring tools are our number one on the list. These are used for just about everything so we really recommend you investing in a set that you really like. One of the most common and sturdiest of them all are the stainless steels ones which is quite on the pricey side but will last forever!

2. Digital kitchen scale

Still on the topic of precision and science, the next thing you’d want to consider buying is a digital kitchen scale. It is better and more precise to measure out ingredients be it wet or dry over normal measuring cups. Hence it’s always a good thing to have on hand!

3. Rimmed baking sheet

These rimmed baking sheets are definitely a baker’s best mate. You can bake cookies with it, pastries, birthday cakes, the options are endless! You can even use it in your normal cooking like roasting vegetables and whatnot. Hence, it is definitely not a loss to invest in one of these and use it in your kitchen.

4. An offset spatula

Metal spatulas usually come in 2 variations; an offset spatula and a straight spatula. Both are used for smoothing on buttercreams for cake decorations, spreading jams, icings– pretty much anything that involves coating. However with the nature of the straight spatula, it’s easy to knock your fingers onto your design and potentially mess it up. So, we recommend you on investing in an offset spatula that has more of an angular shape minimising the said risks.

5. A silicone spatula

While we are still on the topic of spatulas, this silicone or rubber spatulas is a Holy Grail! It’s really useful in folding, mixing, spreading- you name it! And because it’s silicone or rubber, it also works as a scraper so you won’t be wasting batter. We recommend you to buy silicone ones as most of them are heat-proof which you can use also for mixing hot ganache etc.

6. Rolling pins!

If you’re a beginner baker, you definitely want to invest in this one! Just like grandma good ‘ol rolling pin, now you get to own one too. We recommend a tapered French rolling pin, it is great for rotating around cookie dough, pie crusts and even bread! It’s definitely a staple especially if bread and pastries is your thing!

7. Whisk

Whisks are always associated with baking, aren’t they? It is because it’s a trusty ‘ol tool every baker should have. It comes in variations these days but we always recommend the stainless steel ones as it is sturdy and could last for years! Trust us when we say you’d need it!

8. Wooden Spoon

Again, with the classic tools- it really works wonders! You can use it in place of a spatula, creaming butter and sugar, you name it! Get one for yourself, maybe an engraved ones too?

9. Baking Pans Set

This is quite self-explanatory but we’re talking a set of round, rectangular and some with heart-shaped pans. Wow everyone with your cake creation. It’s really worth it!

10. Electronic Mixer

Sure whisks and wooden spoons in small batches of batter. But what about when you decide to whip out a rainbow cake batter? Or big batches of pavlova? You’d want this. And nowadays there’s a lot of affordable brands out there where you can buy. Feeling fancy? Splurge on a big stand mixer, it’d make your life SO much easier!

Got all you need, but still have no confidence to kick things off? Here’s a suggestion, sign up for baking classes! We understand that the MCO still hasn’t been lifted yet, but there’s also online baking classes with tonnes of perks and interactive sessions, check it out!