Every year on the 14th of February, the world celebrates a day of LOVE <3 What would you do on Valentines day? Make a reservation at an expensive restaurant? Buy some bling for your partner? Maybe watch a movie at home? Time to step up your game this year!

Here are some interesting and fun ideas that you can do with or for your partner, friends or even your family! Basically anyone you are spending your Valentine’s day with.

1.Paint some nails!

Learn how to paint nail art so you can paint your own or other people’s nails with fun and exciting designs! This is a great way to bond and interact with your friends and family. At the end of the day, you will have beautiful and fun nails with intricate designs and have had a great time!

2.Romantic surprise!

Don’t u think you need to up your game during a date? Try this! Designing and creating a romantic Bloom Box! Especially for Valentine’s Day. This time of the year, we have a flower arranging class for you! Exclusively designed to romanticize your date to the next level! Just imagine, a picnic in the park, under the bright shining moon and twinkly stars when you look up above. Delicious food, and your favorite drink with just 1 candle illuminating the picnic. Surrounding you, rows of colorful flowers with fairy lights that just provides just enough light to set the romantic mood. Now, wouldn’t that be something…

3.Food of LOVE~

It is said that chocolate contains a substance that in Swedish is called fenyletylamin, that is also found in the human brain.This substance gets activated when people fall in love which creates the sensation of happiness and love. Don’t you sometimes find yourself craving for chocolate when you’ve had a particularly bad day or just down in the dumps? So what are you waiting for? Learn how to make some chocolate to indulge in on those rainy days 🙂

4.Something to carry all your love in

If you are more of a non-conventional type and don’t condone to the whole expensive restaurant, romantic date kind of person, try this! Make your own Tote Bag for that special someone! It’s environmentally friendly, inexpensive, customizable and most importantly, multi functional! You and whoever you gift this to can use it to carry your groceries, art supplies, laptops, swimwear… Basically, anything that you want to use it for, you can! How awesome is that? The best part about this is? You can personalize this to suit whatever style you want! Any pattern, any color, size, and shape!!

So, did this inspire you to up your game? Try it! And let me know if it works 🙂
Till then, have a great weekend!