Corporate Team Building Activities are not worth your precious company time? You should know that it is actually a worthwhile investment in your assets which in turn is also an investment in your company. How, you ask? Team building activities benefit not just your team greatly, but also your company too. These team activities can develop soft skills like leadership, teamwork, communication and also creativity. With all these benefits, how can you say that team building activities are not a worthwhile investment. Let My Weekend Plan help you choose the right kind of activities that are carefully catered to suit the objective of team outing with fun and engaging activities that guarantee to enhance your team performance. With a variety of fun team building activities like night hiking, scuba diving, and shark diving, you can ensure that we have an activity that suits your company needs.



For starters, why not bring your team out hiking at night. When hiking in the jungle at night, you get to see nocturnal animals not normally seen during the day and also enjoy the refreshing cool night air of our tropical Malaysian jungle. Such a unique experience is a great catalyst for team members to bond with each other as they journey into the unknown night landscapes of the jungle. Improvements in teamwork can be seen after such an adventure because of the familiarity that your team has developed with each other. If night hiking is not to your team’s liking, how about scuba diving. Getting up close and personal with our country’s marine life is a great bonding experience for your team that also produces the same results. Lastly, why not have your team conquer their fears by diving together with harmless sharks? The fear of sharks stems from the award-winning 1975 movie, Jaws. Going through such a scary ordeal can impart a sense of camaraderie among your teammates and help foster greater trust and teamwork.




As you can see, the foundation of a strong team is a solid relationship among team members. With these kinds of fun team building activities, you make investments in a strong team which can provide unlimited potential growth for the company!


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