Let’s face it, Malaysia has some temperamental weather which can be frustrating when planning for your corporate team building activities. You never know if it’s going to rain this weekend or the next. But why limit yourself to just outdoor activities? You can do corporate team building activities indoor! Don’t know any? There are so many activities to choose from. From Bubble Sports to Indoor Rock Climbing to paintball. A rainy day is never an excuse to postpone your corporate team building activities indoor.



If you’re new to the indoor activities scene, then let us illuminate you on all the fun team building activities to be had indoors. First up is bubble sports, a fun safe indoor sports where you can play sports from inside a giant bubble. You can play games like bubble soccer or bubble rugby which is the same as their non-bubble counterparts but the difference is that your movement is strictly limited by the bubble making for hilarious fun times together with your team. Not only is bubble sports fun, but it is also a great problem-solving team activity. Your team will have to communicate well with each other to overcome the handicap of limited movement when playing this sport. If bubble sports is not your thing then why not give indoor rock climbing a try? It is a fun indoor activity that you and your team can do at any time. Give the motivation that your employees greatly need by overcoming the challenging obstacle of climbing up a difficult rocky wall. Lastly, pitch your employees against each other with a game of indoor paintball. Because nothing says teamwork like taking down the opposing team together with your teammates.



There are many more indoor activities you can do for your corporate team building. If you are looking for more team building activities you can do indoors, then contact us at My Weekend Plan your number one corporate team building activities provider.


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