Fancy a little bit of cake, and a little bit of bread? We’ve got you covered: it’s muffins! A great combination of bready texture, with the decadence of a cake. Did you know? The origin of the word muffin comes from the word moufflet which means soft bread in old French! It is believed that they originated in England during the 10th century. Muffins are similar to cupcakes in size and baking methods but the main difference is that cupcakes are usually topped with frosting and muffins aren’t. They are usually eaten during breakfast or tea time and is perfect when paired with tea or any other warm drinks. If you’re a beginner in baking, they are quite easy to make too! Here are 8 delicious muffin recipes that beginners must learn! Don’t worry about going wrong, because these muffin recipes are fail-proof! Make some today and sink your teeth into buttery soft muffins in no time!


Yogurt and Honey Muffin

Want a healthy yet incredibly delicious muffin to start your day? This yogurt and honey muffin is perfect then! With dried cranberries in the mix as well, bite into it and feel the flavor burst in your mouth!


Mushroom Head Chocolate Muffin

Aren’t mushrooms so cute? With a wide head on top, they look like they have a personal umbrella covering them! Which is why they are an inspiration for this next muffin creation! This Mushroom Head Chocolate Muffin not only resembles a cute little mushroom, but it is also packed full of chocolatey goodness!


Oats Muffin

Oats are one of the healthiest grains on earth. It provides many health benefits, which is why many people eat oatmeal for breakfast! So why not include them into our muffin recipe! Let’s make some delicious oats muffins for a healthy and enjoyable breakfast!


Peanut Butter Muffin

Any peanut butter enthusiasts here? Peanut butter is most commonly known to be spread on bread to make tasty peanut butter sandwiches. But imagine if we made peanut butter muffins too, doesn’t that sound delicious? Well, we have the recipe right here. Try it now!


Coconut Raisin Muffin

Putting raisins in muffins might be a no for some people, but you should really give it a chance. Try out these Coconut Raisin Muffins! They are a surprisingly good combination together, with the soft and chewy texture of the raisins complimenting the sweet coconut flavour, it’s a perfect muffin to pair with your afternoon tea!


Coffee Walnut Muffin

Coffee lovers will love this muffin! Many people already drink coffee every morning as their daily routine, so why not have a Coffee Walnut Muffin for breakfast as well. That’s double the coffee goodness! Just follow our recipe below to make a delicious batch of Coffee Walnut Muffins!


Orange Peel Honey Muffin

Want something a little more refreshing with a tinge of citrus flavour for your muffins? Then you should bake these Orange Peel Honey Muffins! A delicious treat perfect for any time of the day. Bake some for your family and friends!


Pumpkin Muffin

Did you know pumpkins are highly nutritious and rich in Vitamin A? It is also low in calories so it is perfect for all the health-conscious people out there! If you include them in your muffins you’ll get to enjoy deliciously baked goods while also getting some health benefits from it!

Of course, all muffins are delicious! They are also perfect for people who love desserts that are more simple. We hope our recipes above will be helpful if you decide to bake a muffin in the future! If you have any baking-related questions or you want to share the cakes you made with us, feel free to our community group! We are a fun and friendly bunch that loves helping each other when it comes to baking!

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