When you think of team building activities, you think of activities where all of your employees join in and having fun. While these sort of activities are great in their own way, not every one of your employees will be actively joining in on the fun. That is why it is very much encouraged that team building activities to be done in small groups. In small groups, every one of your employees has a fair chance of benefiting from the team building activity. Other than that, it is also easier for team members to build trust with each other compared to a large group. For this very reason, why not try out some corporate team building activities for small groups? Activities like board games, hot air ballooning, and dirt biking are examples of fine activities for small groups. These activities can foster a sense of camaraderie among the small number of participants.



Did you know? According to Forbes, small groups are statistically proven to be more efficient than big groups at accomplishing tasks. Hence why it is important to build up the relationship of your teams during these activities. The perfect activity to see how this works is by playing board games. Every board game has different challenges and objectives to test your team’s problem-solving skills. Some board games are competitive and some require collaboration. Either way, these games are a perfect way to let your teams have fun and develop some critical thinking skills which will prove useful for your company. You can also try out hot air ballooning for your teams. Sometimes to build relationships with someone you need some leisurely time together to get to know each other better. What better way to do that than spending time together in a hot air ballooning enjoying the amazing view from high above. If you are looking for something more exciting why not try out dirt biking? There is exciting fun to be had as you tear through the dirt course and sounds of revving engines pumping adrenaline through your veins. There is something about the raw and unrestrained fun of dirt biking with your team that just removes any restraints you have with your colleagues.



Regardless of the team building activity that you choose, know that the most important thing is that your teams are able to rely on each other and work well together after the activity is done.  If you are looking for more corporate team building activities that you can do for small groups, drop us an enquiry at My Weekend Plan.


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