In a world of fancy extravagant desserts with pretty frostings and decorations, sometimes just a simple cake is needed to balance it out. Which is why even though the Chiffon cake is a little more plain and simple, it is still a favourite type of cake for many!  Made with simple ingredients like water, flour, eggs, and sugar, Chiffon cakes are light and airy with a spongy texture. They are very delicious and suitable to eat for any occasion! Did you know, Chiffon cakes are actually a little healthier compared to other cakes? Chiffon cakes are lower in saturated fats compared to butter cakes, since it doesn’t require butter to make. So it is a great cake to make for your health-conscious friends! Chiffon cakes could be tricky at times but don’t worry, we’re here with a solution to all your doubts and questions! We’ve got a list of the right chiffon cake recipes for any size of baking pans that you have. With our 8 different formulas for different sizes, try them all out and become a Chiffon cake master!


5 & 6 inch molds

Feel like baking a Chiffon cake but worried you can’t finish it? Use a 5 or 6 inch baking pan to make a smaller Chiffon cake! It uses 2 to 3 eggs and serves around 8 to 10 portions! Perfect for a small get-together.


7 & 8 inch molds

Now the Chiffon cake is getting bigger. If you have a 7 or 8 inch pan you can make a Chiffon cake with around 4 to 6 eggs! Just refer to the ingredients below to make your own delicious 7 or 8 inch Chiffon cake!


9 & 10 inch molds

9 to 10 inch cakes are already quite big in size and can serve around 30 portions! It’s perfect if you’re having a house party. Just follow the instructions below and make the perfect cake that all your guests can enjoy.


11 & 12 inch molds

These are the biggest sizes on our list! They both require 10 eggs or more so stock up if you’re making these huge Chiffon cakes. Of course, the bigger the cake, the more people can enjoy it! So if you’re making one for a large gathering then follow our formulas below!

Of course, Chiffon cakes are delicious no matter what size they are! They are also perfect for people who love desserts that are more simple. We hope our formulas above will be helpful if you decide to bake a Chiffon cake in the future! If you have any baking-related questions or you want to share the cakes you made with us, feel free to our community group! We are a fun and friendly bunch that loves helping each other when it comes to baking!

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