Even if you are changing jobs, lost someone, had a disagreement with a colleague, struggling with your children or having a crush with someone, you should never put it hard on yourself. AIA Vitality Survey 2017 reported that Malaysian employees are overworked, stressed and lead unhealthy lifestyles. Don’t be part of the statistics.
One of the ways to distress is to pick up a hobby and baking does help. Baking gives pleasure, satisfaction and comfort not only to the person who bakes but others too.
Here’s a list of why baking is important and you should consider baking:


The selection of flavours, design and colours for decoration matter and brings the creativity within yourself. Baking allows you to express and discover yourself. Yes, there’s specific methods and measurements in baking, but when you change them a bit, you would find the outcomes to be interesting and unique.


Psychologists agree that baking is a form of therapy. In baking, one would take part in simple and repetitive activities that give a person a calming, meditative quality time. There are procedures to follow which require your concentration. By putting full attention in baking, it takes your mind away from all the stress you are having.

Bonding time

You can bake alone or spend it with your loved ones. Baking gives opportunity for bonding, within yourself and everyone else. You would be surprised to find out how much it meant for your child to be able to help you while baking just by measuring cups of water or knowing how impressive you are to be able to find a solution when your muffin doesn’t come up as how you imagine it.

Selfless act of giving

Who could have thought that baking is a form of charity? By sharing the cake you’ve baked with the family, neighbours or your colleagues, you’ve done your part within the community. People do appreciate free food, especially those which are made with love and passion by someone they know. This would definitely be a win-win to you and everyone else.

Extra incomes

No doubt that practice makes perfect. By a lot of baking, you would know what is lacking or what ingredients need reduction. You might learn how to make it more interesting and presentable. In times, you could improve your baking skills and it could give good return values to you. Baking skills are rare and you could even create an extra income from it.

No matter how old you are, what profession you are in or be it men or women, baking is good for everyone. You do not have to be a professional to be a baker and it is never too late to start to learn baking.

At My Weekend Plan, we prove that baking does have a lot of advantages and we make baking fun for everyone.