Keeping up with life can be tremendously stressful especially when you have major commitments like work. We all know that technology has brought us nothing but convenience . With technology  spawning so fast, you might be missing out on some apps that you should have to make your life much easier!

Trust me, Adulting has never been easier with these apps!

 1. Fortune city

Fortune city is an app that tracks your spending behaviour by calculating the amount of money you’ve used every single day. What makes this app different from the rest is that it is a combination of accounting and a city simulation. Yes ! It is a city-building game. You can create your very own unique city by recording your everyday expenses. Each building shown in your city would represent different categories. It is there to keep things fun! Graphs would also be shown to have better understand on your spending behaviour and the amount of money you use for certain categories.

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2. Habitica

Never get things done on time? Often ending up procrastinating your day away? Habitica is here to save you! Habitica is a productivity app that treats your life like a game. By having the tasks that you’ve written in your to-do list, goals and schedules done, you will be able to level up. Both rewards and punishments will be given depending on how well you manage your day to have all tasks done. This would definitely motivate you and shape you into a better person. Habitica does not only help you finish your tasks but also get you out of all your bad habits.

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3. Camscanner

Okay, scanning has always been a problem when you don’t have a scanner around . It is even worse when the document is important and is urgently needed for a meeting. Imagine having to hand in a photocopy of your identity card or perhaps a copy of an important document but a scanner is nowhere to be found. Camscanner can save the day!! You can now upload and scan your files anytime and anywhere. There is also a function where the image quality will be automatically enhanced and you can also further edit from there! It is also linked to all your communication apps such as Whatsapp. No scanner? No worries !

4.Google Translate Word lens

Not everyone is lucky enough to know different languages and with that being said travelling can sometimes be tough. From not knowing how to read the signboards or even the menu in restaurants to not being able to ask for help when you’re lost in a road you don’t even know how to pronounce. Google translate is here to help! Now, with its function constantly updated, Google translate does not only limit its translation by typing the words out or through audio, but through your phone lense! Yes! You can get the text translated instantly by opening your phone’s front lense. Now you can go anywhere and not be afraid of not knowing how to communicate!

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5. Duolingo


Want to learn a new language but classes can be pricey? Well, no more searching for cheaper classes, Duolingo can help you. Duolingo help you learn a new language for free! Moreover, Duolingo gamified each lesson where you can play and learn at the same time. Classes include listening, speaking and writing with in-lesson grading where you can keep track with your progress.

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So here you go, 5 awesome apps that may save your life! Make use of technology and never fall behind on work, school or your personal life again!