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Student Guidelines

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Your Schedule

What should I do if I cannot attend an upcoming lesson?

No worries! If you wish to cancel or reschedule your booked lesson, we are happy to help you to reschedule your lesson. We recommend contacting the instructor to reschedule at least 3 days before your booked lesson to reschedule your lesson. You are also allowed to transfer the attendance voucher to a friend in the event you cannot attend the lesson.

How do I reschedule lessons?

Students can easily reschedule with our Providers. You may contact the lesson providers directly to reschedule or contact us at least 3 days before the day of the lesson if you require any assistance.

How do i cancel a lesson?

Just contact us to cancel your lesson if you are not able to make it or have a change in heart.

Do note that if you choose to cancel your lesson 3 days before your scheduled lesson, you are encouraged to contact our Provider to reschedule or you can opt to transfer your attendance voucher to a friend.
Unfortunately, no monetary refund is available unless the Provider was the one who canceled the lesson. In which case, a full 100% money back refund will be issued to the student.

Do contact us if you require any assistance.

Can i transfer my lesson to a friend?

Absolutely! In any case, you would like to transfer your lesson to a friend, just let us know here 😀