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How to play the Ukulele for beginners | Kuala Lumpur | KL PJ

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Most people would have thought about guitars and piano when taking up and learn a new musical instrument is concerned. The reason is simple, they have seen a lot of these common instruments on TV! Besides, the artists playing the instruments look cool and awesome while performing on stage!

However, what they did not realize is the underlying hard work and talent needed to master the seemingly easy-to-play instruments. Well, as a beginner of music learner, it would do you good to master the ukulele before you play the “big boys”!



And fair enough, here are the reasons why ukulele should be your top pick in starting your music learning journey:


  • Easy to learn and master

To most beginner’s surprise, the ukulele is easier to learn compared to normal stringed instruments like the guitar. It is less complex in terms of the strings used and the soft nylon materials of the string would not cause as much discomfort and pain similar to guitars. The smaller size also would not demand higher tensions in your finger muscles when playing, thus making it easier to master.


  • Save your space

Well, this is a true statement that every music lovers would attest to! Instruments like piano and drums would require a space in your home or studio to start playing. Moreover, surrounding space has to be filled with sound absorbent if you are worried about the “sound disturbance”. However, ukulele saves you the trouble!


  • Do not require high investment

Unlike “high-class” instrument like piano, buying a ukulele won’t break your bank. You could buy it in any music instruments store for a reasonable price and straightaway learn and play continuously for a long period of time! Besides the strings are strong and are not expensive to purchase too!


  • It’s portable

True enough, you might sometimes need to carry your musical instruments for performance, training or simply moving it elsewhere. Well, carrying your ukulele along would not break your back as other instruments do. The small size of it would just fit in your car nicely too without needing to break a sweat!


  • Learning two techniques at any given time

The way you play ukulele is similar to the way guitar is being played. So you will be going to learn the basics of guitar at the same time while playing ukulele. A single effort that doubles the knowledge learned!

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