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Malaysia is well known for its beautiful islands with pristine beaches, exotic wonders within national parks, rich glimpses of the past sprawling among historical sites and delectable street food bound to excite your taste bud. For the adventure seeking travelers, however, you might not want to miss some of the world’s most amazing theme parks, the first indoor theme park as well as the largest indoor park in the world. So we list the top 10 theme parks and water parks in Malaysia where we are confident that the adrenaline seekers would greatly appreciate and enjoy. Take a look of Malaysia’s theme park list below and be thrilled by the unforgettable experience!

Top 10 Theme Parks in Malaysia

1) Legoland Malaysia
Legoland Malaysia
Being opened in Iskandar Puteri (Nusajaya), Johor on September 15, 2012, Legoland Malaysia goes down the history of Malaysia as the first international theme park in the country. Aligned with its name, the attraction is completely built out of Lego Bricks and features over 80 interactive rides, shows and interesting activities for people of all ages. Located inside Nusa Cemerlang Industrial Park within the Iskandar Malaysia Economic Zone, this place has garnered hundreds of thousands of tourists globally each year and continues to pull in more adventure seekers year after year.

What’s the thing that skyrocketed Legoland Malaysia to be your top pick among others? Well, the place consists of Legoland Park, Water Park and Legoland Hotel and the main highlight of the park is the hands-on-experience on virtually everything where you could dislodge and assemble anything within eyesight. Isn’t it fun when you could “destroy” and “rebuild” a theme park at will? Just experience the fun yourself!

2) Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, Petaling Jaya
Berjaya Times Square Theme Park
Being regarded as one of the best theme parks in Asia, Sunway Lagoon is located in Subang Jaya within the Selangor area in Malaysia. The theme park has been in operation since 1993 and has been awarded numerous accolades for its entertaining features and adventurous fun. The park has undergone major improvements and renovation too in order to cater to an increasing number of visitors. Individuals or families could enjoy over 80 attractions in this theme park, which is set up at a sprawling area of 88 acres and is divided into five areas based on adventure experience.

If you love water, well to be specific, love having fun in the water, Sunway Lagoon will be the best bet to thrill you to the max! Splash yourself endlessly within the ever-improving waterpark or be entertained to the fullest with its Amusement Park, Wildlife Park, Extreme Park and Scream Park! When you step into the wonders of Sunway Lagoon, you will leave the place with nothing but unforgettable experience and whole loads of fun!

3) Lost World of Tambun
Lost World of Tambun
Be thrilled in the Lost World of Tambun and get “lost” in a whole world of adventure for your escapade. The lost world of Tambun serves to provide a wonderful reprieve for you and your family from busy city schedules no matter in school or at work. The structure of Lost World is displayed in beautifully set limestone cliffs surrounding the whole area, giving a sense of mystery and excitement. Packed with nerve-wrecking action and dramatic rides, you are sure to enjoy every moment of your time there.

The theme park consists of the resort and six parks, namely Water Park, Amusement Park, Petting Zoo, Tiger Valley, Tin Valley and Adventure Park. The Water World theme park is a must-visit though as there are great pools to spend your time in, massive slides to fulfill your thrill-seeking agenda and you could also enjoy a leisurely trip on floats in one of Asia’s longest river of adventure! In a nutshell, each park has a different experience to offer and is suitable for the whole family as well as lovers and friends!

4) Escape Theme Park Penang
Escape Theme Park Penang
Imagine playing around in the woods. Yes, you heard us right, literally having fun in the WOODS! Surround yourself with natural wonders and lush environment while having your courage tested in the Escape Theme Park Penang! A perfect place for you and your family to get away from the bustling mundane city and into the realm of adventure, the theme park in Teluk Bahang calls for your ESCAPE to the great outdoors filled with sunshine, mud and get closer to the nature complete with many fun and exciting rides in a natural setting for both adults and kids. For all folks who love nature and unrelenting excitement, Escape Theme park promises you more than you could imagine!

Have your “leap of faith” on the Atan’s Leap, learn to balance yourself on a thin piece of metal bar, catching every beautiful scenery while on the Flying Fox, swing around like a monkey or soar into the sky on all the gratifying rides and activities. Now with the latest addition of the water park, you could even enjoy getting wet in the sun! Are all activities intended for big adults? Not really! There are also activities for kids to enjoy like mini obstacles and challenges too! Saving the best for the last, feel the adrenaline rush by racing downhill with your friends or family on a tubby tub! That’s unlimited fun in a jungle-themed park!

5)A’ Famosa Theme Park
A’ Famosa Theme Park
Melaka is the best place to get to know a taste of the history of Malaysia as it is the state where early Malaysia is founded very long time ago. Brimming with pride over the historical culture and buildings, Melaka people will be fast to point out A’ Famosa Resort as the place to go on your first visit. A’ Famosa Resort, not far from the Malaysian town of Melaka is one of the country’s leading leisure, holiday and golfing destinations. The place got its name by the 16th- century Portuguese fortifications that gave A’Famosa Resort its name. Founded in the early nineties, this site has seen several developments and progresses to be an attraction to millions of tourists from Malaysia, Singapore, and greater Asia and from all over the world.

Boasting the Championship golf course designed by Ross C. Watson, a famed Australian Golf Course Architect, it serves to be one of the magnets for raking in golf fans during championship period. Apart from the astounding golf course, the Water World is sure to captivate adults and kids, not to mention the ever-popular Animal World Safari and satisfying Cowboy Town show! With all the fun gathered in one place, you will not only enthralled by the experience, but learn and understand the culture of Melaka as well!

6) I-City Theme Park, Selangor
I-City Theme Park
Searching for a theme park that could allow you to enjoy a whole day of fun including night time? You should visit I-City Theme Park in Selangor! The location of I-City is near to the city centre of KL and for people who just want to stay from day to night enjoying every attraction, this place offers the best and most satisfying moment for you and your family. Widely known for its colourful digital lights, various fun and memorable attractions are giving visitors non-stop thrill as well!

High-tech attractions like the 5D cinema will set your heart thumping with excitement where you could enjoy the movie as if you were inside the movie itself, completed with screams and vibrations for your overall experience. Fancy some scary moments will do you good once you step inside the 15,000 sq feet haunted house perfected with unexpected scary surprise and sound and visual effects. Never been to winter countries and in contact with snow before? Experience it in I-City Snowalk then where you would see over 100 tonnes of ice sculptures!
Finally go over to the WOW street with hungry stomach and prepare to behold a picturesque wonder with the digital lights that would take your breath away!

7) District 21 Indoor Adventure Theme Park, Putrajaya
We get it that not every thrill-seeker would like to enjoy their moments while bathing in the hot sun, drenching in sweats and constantly seek for refreshment. Well, we heard you guys! Come and let loose your adrenaline rush in this apocalypse-themed indoor adventure park in District 21 Indoor Adventure Theme Park, Putrajaya. Standing at 70,000 sq feet within an air-conditioned atrium located inside 101 Mall, Putrajaya, you could jump, slide, climb, ride and even fly in an all-day activities for the entire family! And the fun is not only limited for individual enjoyment. Bring your whole gang of friend for birthday celebration, organize school visitations for your school or holding team bonding session during corporate events!

Test your capability and strength in the new Indoor Ninja Warrior Course just like the sports entertainment competition you watched on TV or challenge yourself in the Power Station while climbing the wall as high as possible. Obstacle filled activity like the Go Pedal would definitely incense the spirit in you while gliding along the pipes in curves and bounce around, flip and do a somersault on the Launch Pad summed up the most memorable experience you would garner for yourself. To top it off, you could even celebrate your birthday with amazing deals from District 21 birthday package or ice skating birthday package!

8. Berjaya Times Square Theme Park, Kuala Lumpur
Berjaya Times Square Theme Park
There is also a magnificent option for families who wish to play, shop and dine at the same time! A theme park in a shopping mall would be best to cater to families who are escaping from the scorching sun and would like to spend their time in the mall! Well, Berjaya Times Square Theme Park will be the haven for you and your family to have quality time where every individual will have their preference fully satiated!

Boasting the biggest indoor theme park in the country with approximately 130,000 square feet dedicated to fun and amusement, the theme park is located in the 5th and 7th floors of the Berjaya Times Square complex and a wide variety of rides and games are on offer for the entire family, adults and kids alike. Since it is well stationed in the vast mall, a wide array of restaurants are also available for refreshment. As for moms and ladies, if you are not fond of rides, head over to the retails stores as all major brands are well represented here. For travelers, you will find the place convenient as decent accommodation is readily available surrounding the malls too!

9. Kidzania, Kuala Lumpur
Kidzania Kuala Lumpur
We haven’t forgotten about the kids! They may want to be involved in all the fun and excitement largely aimed at teenagers and adults, but somehow not all of them could fully enjoy the amazing rides and activities. However, it is not a big deal as Kidzania will be the ideal place for the young minds to explore, engage, interact, experience real-life occupations and get to learn hands-on activities in a friendly environment. Of course there will be no nerve-wracking rides or adrenaline pumping actions involved, but your kids will have the opportunity to develop incredible skills, learn to be independent, understand the value of teamwork and most of all inspire them to think and deepen their knowledge tank.
Located in the heart of the city, Kidzania offers 100 activities for young children in the form of real-life jobs where they could learn real-life skills in a simulated environment. Kids will have the privilege of picking any role or occupation and perform them to their liking. The best part is accompanying adults could join in the fun too!

10. 20th Century Fox Theme Park (Coming Soon)

How could we forgo one of the biggest theme parks in Malaysia, located on the hills of Genting Highlands on our Malaysia theme park list? The former Genting Highlands Theme Park is going to make way for the much-hyped 20th Century Fox Theme Park. So, currently the whole theme park is getting a complete makeover! It has been the talk of the country to date but there is no official announcement of the opening yet. If you happen to be nearby the area, you could observe that constructions are still heavily ongoing. However, taking the Awana Skyway Gondola Cable car is one cool option to catch a full glimpse from the top view.

Keeping the arguably world-class theme park 2,000 metres up in the mountains on our list of top theme parks, you should never miss this when it is officially launched. The reason is simple. Who could resist the undisputed best theme park together with top-notch accommodations and refreshment centres?

Getting to enjoy every moment in the above theme parks is as easy as eating a piece of cake when My Weekend Plan offers you a comprehensive guide from ticketing to recommendations! Feel free to contact us to know detailed information regarding trips or anything you wish to know about the above theme parks and our staff will attend to your needs shortly!

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