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Team Building Games Indoor Malaysia

Aside from being fun and giving everyone an excuse to spend time together, team building has serious personal and professional impacts for everyone involved. However, team building sometimes get a bad rep. Upon mention, many people imagine an activity where everyone is seated in a circle playing awkward ice-breaking games and doing trust falls with coworkers.

Thankfully, the days of these cheesy team building games are over as there are many alternatives available. Today’s team building activities are fun, pushes employees to the limits, builds trust and strengthens bonds. Matter-of-fact, companies no longer have to rely on their HR teams to organise these activities anymore.

There are many companies in Malaysia, especially in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor region today that provides corporate team building packages. Some of these team building activities are done outdoors, while some organise team building workshops. While there isn’t a formula for determining the best team building activity out there, indoors or outdoors, most of the packages that we see, after a simple survey, are arguably straightforward. Many of them are centred around the idea of accomplishing a certain task or overcoming obstacles, and in all fairness, those are the essential components of successful team building activity.

If you think that running around in Sumo outfits is too tacky (what is wrong with you?), then perhaps you would prefer the Mystery Forest activity instead. In this team building activity, you and your team are required to survive the harrowing experience of a dark and dense mystery forest by building something and conveying the right message to each before it’s too late. Mystery Forest will test your workforce’s teamwork and leadership abilities which in turn will build their appreciation and collaboration for one another.

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Our games are a mixture of role play and storytelling that comes together to provide an engaging team building experience.

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Cookie Empire

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Sumo Camp

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mystery jungle teambuilding

Mystery Forest

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Alison was a wonderful instructor and the lesson was very hands-on. She made sure that all the participants understood the instructions and learnt something. She also taught us some tips and tricks on making kimchi which is actually very handy. The workshop provides an outlet to unwind and at the same time learn something new.


SC Johnson

Thanks My Weekend Plan for making our event a success. The parents and kids were indeed happy, I even got some of the feedback from parents, requesting to organize more of such events. Overall the activity was good!


Eco Ardence

Overall it was a fun team building activity. It gives a the opportunity to foster teamwork and believe that we can conquer difficult situations when we work together. It is great for our own personal growth and team growth.



Thank you very much for conducting our team bonding session. I’m sure my team enjoyed themselves, and they loved the room deco. Thanks to all the team members that made this event a success.



Hi My Weekend Plan team thank you so much for the great service, it was a pleasure to work with you guys. Look forward to work with you soon again. Thanks again for the great job!


Tropicana Corporation Berhad

Thank you My Weekend Plan for the wonderful baking team building! My team and myself enjoyed it. Thank you so much for the support to realize this activity.



Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Who are Your Facilitators?

Our professional facilitators are highly skilled and a special breed – intelligent, articulate, contagiously energetic and unfailingly gracious. Each has the experience and sensitivity needed to balance corporate realities with pure, unbridled fun. Each is equipped to keep your comfort level very high while achieving the desired results.
 And each is on a mission to make sure your TeamBonding event will be the first of many.

How do we choose the right team building activities?

We’re glad you asked. That’s where experience counts. Our Account Managers really pride themselves in being able to match your team with an event that is both fun and beneficial, that meets your budget and desired outcome. We work with you to assess your needs and recommend the best options from over 100 tried and true team building events.

Our corporate event managers and program designers drive concept development and innovative experiences teams really love. Looking for something you don’t see? No problem, as we create our own events, we can tailor an event to your needs.

Is there a winning team? Do You give out prizes?

On a page of frequently asked questions, pricing is the question most commonly asked. The short answer is, ‘ it depends.’ Our goal is to help you choose the right program for your team. There are lots of variables to consider: which program? For how many? How long? Your location? What materials will we need, or will you be donating to a charity? Our account manager will help you narrow down the options, fast.

We can get you a quote quickly so you can see what’s possible. We have quite a few options, one of which is sure to fit your budget.

How long do your program last?

The length of typical programs ranges from 2 hours (Workshops) up to a full day (Team Building Simulation Games).

Our most popular team building programs run 8 hours. Just like everything else, we can tailor to your timeframe. Learning and Development programs normally is 8 hours with quarterly follow-up.

What are the benefits of team building?

Done correctly, a well-chosen team building event can be a game-changer for any organization regardless of type, size and dynamic. We specialize in programs with a proven track record in creating long-lasting positive changes that showcase the benefits of team building and why it is important.

Ready to motivate your employees, improve communication amongst teams or just have fun? Up to you, we can cater for all these.

Who is team building for?

We’ve done successful events for just about every kind of team you can imagine. From government agencies to small agencies staffs to major players like Shopee, MBPJ, Invest KL. Whatever the size and shape of your group, we make it work.

Is there a winning team? Do You give out prizes?

Many of our programs include a competitive element. Winners are typically determined by accumulated points throughout the event. It’s never obvious which team is winning till the very end, because teams have a wide variety of opportunities to earn points – some objective, some more subjective. But the competition is always friendly, with the ultimate focus on the outcome.

We don’t furnish prizes, aside from bragging rights. Some clients do choose to sweeten the pot by giving out modest prizes to winning teams. We suggest keeping the cash value of these prizes low — RM20 – RM25. Gift card for Starbucks, cash vouchers or any local business work well.

Can we include Our Company Messaging or Branding into a Team Building Event?

Absolutely. We can creatively incorporate your tagline, new product launch theme or other branding elements into pretty much any TeamBonding event. Some clients even ask us to customize entire games or activities to support specific messaging. Every solution is different – we’d love to talk about yours.

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