Student Guidelines

Have a question? Here are some guidelines to help you out!

Your Provider

How do I contact the Provider?

After confirmation of your slot for the lesson, our team will contact you to connect you with our Provider. You can then contact the Provider if you have any questions.

How do I write a review about the Provider?

You may drop your review at our Facebook Page (

Can I pay the Provider directly on the day of the lesson?

No. All payments must go through My Weekend Plan.

As part of our service, My Weekend Plan handles all lesson billing and the scheduling for our teachers. This includes the initial lesson package as well as the billing for all subsequent lessons. Per our terms and conditions lessons must be paid for in advance and payment is processed through directly.

Do let us know if your instructor asks you to pay outside of the My Weekend Plan website for it is under the agreed policy that My Weekend Plan handles the billing and payments for all lessons through our secure website.

As part of our service, our students are protected by our 100% Refund Policy and our Providers are paid for lessons taught.
If our Provider asks you to pay for lessons via cash, cheque, or another website, please decline and let us know by emailing [email protected] or calling (60) 11 5622 8672. We’ll be happy to follow up with the Provider to resolve the confusion and/or connect you with a new Provider.

Providers who ask students to pay for their lessons fees outside of My Weekend Plan website are subject to be removed from our platform.