Student Guidelines

Have a question? Here are some guidelines to help you out!

Paying for my lesssons

How do I pay for my lessons?

After booking your lesson with us, you will receive a confirmation email within 1 working day that will have the payment details.
You can make the payment via PayPal, ATM or online bank transfer to My Weekend Plan.

To know more about our 5 EASY STEPS to book your class, click HERE.

What happens if I need to stop taking lessons and still have paid lessons remaining?

If you have signed up for a multiple lesson course, we urge you to contact our Provider to reschedule or put your classes on hold.

If you have signed up for a single lesson, do contact us or the Provider 3 days prior to the day of the lesson to reschedule the lesson.

Where can I review my billing history?

To view your billing history and current pending payments, click here.

How do i bank in the payment to My Weekend Plan?

You can make your payment through Debit Card/Credit Card, ATM Machine or online bank transfer.
Please indicate/write the Order ID as payment reference on the bank-in slip /payment details of the bank transfer.
Then email/WhatsApp it to [email protected] or +(60) 11 5622 8672 respectively.
Your order won’t be confirmed until the funds have cleared in our account within 24 hours from your booking time.
Failure to do so, will result in losing your booking of your lesson.