How to Learn Basic Mandarin in 3 Months?

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About my class!

Fee: RM480 per module ( Original Price is RM988, 50% provided , for first- time student only)
Date : 17/11/2018-12/1/2019 (3 months course – twice a week)
* Classes conducted in Sets (Class A: 1st and 3rd week | Class B: 2nd and 3rd week)
Time : 4:00p.m-5:30pm (twice per month)
Size of Class: Maximum 8 students
Age group:  7 years old and above
Language: English/Malay
Level: Beginner
Lesson Outline: Let’s learn mandarin Pronunciations、Grammar & Vocabularies、Common conversations in 3 months.
Learning time frame per module : 3 months(This is an intensive mandarin course)
1.Pronunciations(you will learn how to find the meaning of vocabulary on your own)
2.Vocabulary ( you will understand main theories of sentence structure building , noun、pronoun、adjectives and etc)
3.Common Conversations(you will learn at least basic conversations)
What is not included in the lesson fees:
          Material Cost  RM100 (extra money will be returned upon receipt)
What do you need to bring?: Prepared your own stationary and notebook

Owner Description

Mandarin in fact is not that difficult and Boring! But it bring us far toward our’s own career,future and bring more working opportunity. About instructor: Teacher Celine Wong -Part time mandarin teacher -Senior Content Editor at Business Circle Media -Worked as Broadcast Journalist For TV2 Mandarin News,General News Journalist for Orientaldaily Newspaper,Kwong Wah Yit Poh Newspaper. -Freelance Event Emcee

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Activity Time : 4:00 PM
Maximum number of people : 8
Reminder to Students : Prepared your own stationary and notebook^_^
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