LifePower Coaching Session

Sri Petaling or Subang SS18 (To be Confirmed)


About my class!

LifePower Coaching Session:

Date of Session: 26 October 2018

Time: 11am – 1pm

Age Group: 18 years and above

Language: English (can mix with Chinese where necessary)

Session Outline:

~ Where Traditional Coaching merges with Energy Healing ~

We all have a “power” within that enables us to live life to our fullest potential. Yet, for most of us, this power lies dormant. We keep living our lives in an endless cycle of habits and limiting beliefs that keeps us “safe,” yet we crave to be “ALIVE!”. This is the paradox of life that we live in. Today, we can break this pattern of life when we learn to harness the power within. This power is our LiFE Power.

Bringing together traditional coaching and energy healing, LiFE Power Coaching can help you:

~ overcome your fears and self doubts

~ change habits

~ heal emotional wounds

~ reprogram yourself & your life

~ reclaim your SELF & your powers, and

~ empower yourself to live a more vibrant life


What is included in the lesson fees? All materials & utensils

What is not included in the lesson fees? Everything included

What do you need to bring? Yourself and your decision & commitment to change



Owner Description

LiFE Power Coaching is borned out of my own personal transformation journey and hours of training and coaching young adults and adults. Not only do i help them overcome their fears and self doubts, I aim to help them identify and transmute the underlying limiting beliefs that keeps holding them back from pursuing their dreams and goals in life.

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Activity Information

Activity Time : 11:00 AM
Duration : min 1 hour, max 2 hours
Maximum number of people : 5
Reminder to Students : Bring yourself
Not Available
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