【Aroma Stone with Dried & Preserved Flowers with Personalised Energy Oil Workshop 】

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Date : 10th November 2018, Saturday
Time: 1pm – 4pm
Age group : 16 and above
Language : English / Chinese
Level : Beginner
Lesson Outline :

~ Did you know about “Aroma Stone”, the hottest decorative item in town? How does this stone diffuse aroma? Why is “Aroma Stone” safe for kids? It’s widely used for wedding gifts, anti-mosquito, indoor and car fragrance, home deco, deodorant and long lasting fragrance 💝💖
~ 时下最夯手作艺品,近期火红小物 *扩香石* 是什么你知道吗?它的扩香原理是什么?为什么大人小孩都适用?婚礼小物,防蚊,室内及车内香氛,居家装饰,疗愈小物,除臭,香味持久 💝💖

~ 【Aroma Stone with Dried & Preserved Flowers Workshop】teaches to make your own Aroma Stone with crafting powder, embellished with dried and preserved flowers with essential oil to act as a natural fragrance 🌟✨
体验课 将教您亲手制作 *扩香石* ,独创造型再以 干花 及 永生花 点缀成饰品,加上精油香薰,香氛作用成为天然芳香剂 🌟✨

~ Learn knowledge of Aroma Stone and Essential Oil 😍💖
~ 体验课讲一一教您 *扩香石* 及 精油 知识

~ Serves refreshments and desserts from SDS bakery & cafe 🍵
~ 体验课备有 SDS bakery & cafe 茶点

What is included: Fee includes workshop tools, materials and refreshments. Brings home own creation.


Owner Description

Venus Organization We provide aromatherapy products and services from Germany and conduct various workshop. We do have office in Kuala Lumpur , Johor Bahru, Penang and Kota Kinabalu Sabah Thefloresty We are florist based in Johor Bahru

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Activity Information

Activity Time : 1:00 PM
Duration : 3 hours
Maximum number of people : 15
Reminder to Students : Have you own lunch. We will prepare refreshments and desserts
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