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Photography Course Malaysia | Short Class in KL PJ

It is of the rarest of occasion to find one who does not know about photography and how to take a photo using either camera or phone these days. Save for the older generation that comprises of our grandparents, almost everyone knows a thing or two about photography.

However, little do we seriously think about the benefits brought by photography and treated it like a casual past time or an activity that could be carried out on a whim.




In fact, there is so much benefit to reap from the art of mastering photography!  


  • Have a different perspective when looking at things

To understand it in a general way, practising photography allows you to open up a part of your brain for deeper insight, seeing objects around you in a more varied perspective. Photography teaches you to look at subjects with unusual angles which shapes you into a person of versatile perspective and thus a better person in doing things differently from others.


  • It makes you happy

Yes, people take photography due to the intention of preserving their memory of wonderful times. So, when you look back at the photos you have taken, you are sure to be awash with happy nostalgia. In fact, scientific research has proved that taking photographs has a better chance of lifting your mood compared to indulging in chocolate or listening to music!


  • Make new friends

Forget about the conventional of greeting new friends with some pleasantries and not knowing how to continue the conversation with the right interest. Photographers love to know people who have the same interest to share about their work and passion. So, you are sure to know a lot of like-minded personas who knows how to make you enjoy your hobby more!


  • It keeps your precious moment forever

You did not hear that wrong, you are keeping your memories alive in your photograph! Starkly different from the brains of people, the wonderful memories will stay in photographs forever even until you are old! You will cherish all the memories when you look back at your life through photographs and you will realize how precious it is. You will appreciate your fervent passion for photography when you grow older!


  • It elevates your self-esteem and confidence

Well, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your photography skills become better along the way! Getting compliments from friends or families on your work would even encourage you to learn deeper knowledge on photography and you might end up becoming a professional one day!


Giving a serious thought to learning photography? Introducing to you My Weekend Plan, a place to enroll in part-time photography course for teens in Malaysia! No matter you are just a beginner who does not know how to take a proper photo (we doubt it) or a fanatic who snaps photo all the time, you are sure to find quality photography course here! Our photography workshop for teen or youth is handled by professional photographers who will give you the tools and knowledge you need to kickstart your photo-taking journey! Besides, you are going to know more friends who are fans of the lens! Search for your classes in KL or PJ area that suits and do not hesitate to contact us to know more details on our photography course package! Check out our gallery here to get a glimpse of our photography workshop as well!

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