paragliding experience Malaysia

Paragliding Experience Malaysia

If paragliding has not been in your bucket list yet, you would better list it down now. Generally, the activity of paragliding in Malaysia has been commonly observed for many years with the strong support from the community of paraglider fans that help to boost the sky sports industry. Even, paragliding course is available in Malaysia nowadays! In fact, Malaysia could boast to have more than decent sites for unforgettable paragliding experience which are sure to take your breath away when you literally “glide” under the azure dome.

Paragliding can be considered a “smart” and fun activity in Malaysia that requires courage and skills, although the skills are easy to pick up and you just need to give yourself a nudge out of your comfort zone in trying something new. You will have the once a lifetime experience of soaring into the beautiful sky and have spectacular views beneath and around you. You would literally have the feeling of being transformed into a bird, “riding” on the wind and allow cool breeze to carry all your thoughts away, leaving breathtaking scenery and euphoria within you. Bukit Jugra, Gunung Jerai, Bukit Bubus, Pedas, Bukit Kokol, Gunung Ledang and Ranau are some of the best paragliding sites you could visit, every site offering different packages, experience and scenery. Do not worry if you are a first timer to paragliding in Malaysia, there are experts who will not only guide you but paraglide along with you as well! So remember to list paragliding as something unique to do in Malaysia on your future visits!

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