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make up 300x162 - Makeup & Hairstyling Course Malaysia | Short Class in KL PJPersonal image is crucial in this era as people judge you and put a label on you based on your appearance. It is true that put on a makeup is a manner to others. A pleasing looking is a main factor in finding your partner and allow others to have a good impression on you. Not only this, a good image also help in your career to boost up your sales when others have more confidence towards you. However, what type of makeup is most suitable to you and how you should dressed up yourselves in different occasion? If you are looking for solutions to this, please don’t hesitate to come to us.

We have professional make-up expert from most of the area in Kuala Lumpur(KL) and Selangor such as Klang, Petaling Jaya(PJ) and Subang. Other than that, we also provide make up classes in Penang. Our professional make-up expert give you an interactive and personalized makeup classes, a unique teaching method is offered to teach you on application techniques of makeup and how to achieve desired looks. We will teach you how to apply the makeup based on the shape of your face and your peculiarity. You will also learnt to choose the most appropriate makeup to attend different occasion. The scope of our makeup classes include Party Makeup, Nude Makeup, Korean Makeup, Office Lady Makeup, First Date Makeup and so on which can suits all your needs.

Our hands on makeup instructed from expert in these fields ensure you learnt the fundamental and easy technique of make-up applications and styling hair. Furthermore, our makeup classes also suitable for make-up artist who wants to further improve their skills in particular type of technique such as Bridal Makeup, Fashion Makeup, Film Character Makeup, Special Effect Makeup and Body Painting.

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