Butter is an important ingredient in many baking recipes, so of course we would want to use only the best, and one of the best brands for butter is Buttercup! There are a few types of Buttercup we can use for baking, so some of us might get confused about which to buy. Do you buy the container? Or the block? What about the canned one? Don’t worry! With our handy guide, you’ll find out which type of Buttercup is the best choice to use for your baking!


Canned Buttercup

First on our list is the canned Buttercup! When it comes to baking the canned Buttercup can be used for cakes, but it’s not suitable for cookies as it will make your cookies salty. Other than baking, the canned Buttercup is good for cooking too! So this will be a good choice if you want butter that can be used for both cooking and baking.


Buttercup in Container

Second is the Buttercup in a container! This butter is perfect for baking as it is suitable for cake and cookies. It also comes in the largest amount so it is recommended for you to buy this if you use a lot of butter.


Buttercup Block

Lastly, we have the Buttercup block! It is used very often in households. Parents will spread this butter on bread for their kids to eat or use it to bake cookies. It is a very family-friendly butter! Sadly, the Buttercup block is not suitable for baking cakes as it will make the cake dry. So if you want to bake cakes maybe the first 2 types of Buttercup will be a better choice.

There you go! Now you know more about each type of Buttercup and what to use them for! We hope these simple guidelines will be helpful on your baking journey. But if you face any problems or have any questions to ask, you can always look for us here!

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