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If you’re feeling down in the dumps because your brand is not growing, we are the one stop solution for brand advertising using media. Learn more now.

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What We Can Help You?

Well, let us enlighten you.

maximize your brand awareness


We Maximize Your Brand Awareness

We work on high-quality and compelling content for your brand to amplify your brand’s awareness. Seize the opportunity to give your business a boost and make our million pool of bakers your next audience today!

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We’re Passionate In Delivering The Best Of Your Needs

We believe our actions and results speak for themselves. We are humbled to have earned the trust and attention of millions and some of the most established companies. We’d love to do the same for you.

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Engage in the Hype!

Hey, let us be your media. We are dying to share our success with someone. Communicate your brand’s values and get exposed to our millions of bakers by showcasing yourself through our engaging media!

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More than 7k bakers (and growing) followers anticipate our baking stories.

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With up to 100 baking groups and pages & more than 10 million posts reach monthly, it’s safe to say our 100k++ bakers followers really love us.

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Over 100 baking groups are counting on our content.

Our Bakers Community, Your Future Audience.

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Not Enough Attention? Our Page Has More To Give.

brand traffic
brand traffic

Not Enough Attention? Our Page Has More To Give.


Engaging Audience

Our community is always ready and interested to share and engage with our posts.


Targeted Audience

Almost all of our audience are aspiring bakers and fond of baking related content.


Wide Organic Outreach

Our focus to provide values to our community earn a high amount of trust and rapport.

More Customers. Less efforts.

It’s our job to outreach your brand. Maximising 3 subtle yet effective delivery methods, you are able to have your brands promoted to its full values. But… That’s not all. As good as it may sound, the only thing you have to do is to sit back and rejoice in the benefits! The best part is, you can also exchange benefits with your audience.

1. Product Application

Clueless on how to utilise your brand to its full extent? Leave it to us! We create recipes that utilise creative concepts using your brands’ tools/ingredients. People love recipes with creative ideas, and we are here to let your brand give what they love!

What’s in it for you?

Increased Brand Awareness & Struck New Ideas for Bakers
With us utilising your brand in our product application, say hello to the raising of brand awareness! The higher your brand awareness is, the more trust and credibility are earned. Bakers also gain new ideas for their next baking session, all thanks to you.

2. Facts

Here is a fact, people love when you tell them something they never knew before. Spill more facts, attract more engagement. Earn the love of your audience more by letting them uncover your brand’s hidden features.

When you spill facts about your products, it automatically attracts people to engage with your brand. Not only that we can utilise your brand to its full value, we are also here to help the audience to uncover your brand’s hidden gems or in other word, features.

How is this method effective?

Product awareness expands, bakers gain more knowledge!
Highlighting your products’ special features paves the way for product awareness along with giving your audience new-found knowledge that they never knew they needed.

3. Recipes

What is a better way to advertise your brand than ensuring it’s being used as a part of an activity? We deliver recipes that use your brand as a part of the ingredient. Guaranteed your products will have an empty rack in the market!

Why does this benefit you and your audience?

Increase Product Awareness & Provide Guidelines for Bakers
As bakers recognise your brand, they also trust your brand as a guideline. Bakers now consider including your brand in their baking journey.

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Result 1: More than 1.5 bakers reached and over 2000 shares in less than 17 hours of posting!

Result 2: More than 19 Millions bakers reached with up to 140K shares!

Get Started. It’s Easy!

With our efficient and creative team working hand in hand, our work process has never been simpler and hassle-free.


Select your preferred package or let us propose based on your budget and objectives.


Share with us your business needs and our creative team will get back to you with ideas to turn your business from good to great with ZERO cost! (3 day lead time)


Upon confirmation, our team will start diligently working on giving you with nothing but the best.


Your content is ready to go live to our once targeted audience once finalised, it is time to shine!


Once circulation is completed, evaluate your results and performances as we provide you with a post-campaign report.

Be Our Ultimate Baking Partners

Embrace the opportunity to create content that speaks to people. Our line is always open to help your brand’s growth and prosper. Grow your brand with My Weekend Plan as your Baking Media and sign up today!

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