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My Weekend Plan offers activities that aims to create unforgettable and fun experiences! Our proposal is carefully designed to suit your event and company objective.

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My Weekend Plan offers activities that aims to create unforgettable and fun experiences! We have modern calligraphy, watercolor and acrylic artwork, flower arrangement, photography, soap making, cooking, baking workshops and many more!

HRDF Claimable Malaysia

Up to 100% HRDF Claimable!

Great news! You can now use your Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) with My Weekend Plan! With our HRDF approved Team Building programs, you will not only train your team, help them develop their communication, leadership, and critical thinking skills, but also let your team have loads of fun learning a new skill !


Affordable Rates From RM50 per pax.

Every proposal is carefully designed to suit the objective of your event. Our operations team will ask you a series of questions to get to know more about your event so we can propose the best workshop and activities for you! We will also help you request customized workshops and activities that are one of a kind for your event!


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We have workshops that are not your usual straight to the point workshops but with a twist! My Weekend Plan constantly brainstorms with providers on how to make a workshop more interesting and out of the ordinary. We aim to provide activities and workshops that are unique and one that caters to your every need.


Day after day, in your office looking at your computer screen. Bored out of your mind and desperately need a creative outlet? Look no further! We provide a wide range of creative and artistic workshops right here on our My Weekend Plan platform! Now, you can have these activities for your company team building as well! Contact us to know more!

Flower Arrangement

Intuitive Art Jam




Are you the kind of person that scrolls through your newsfeed and insta looking at other people’s fun activities during the weekend? well, now you can do even better! Check out our platform to find many different adventurous and exciting activities~ ! Break a sweat and stretch those muscles during the weekend and revive your body from all those hours sitting at your work desk! Now, you can have these activities for your company team building as well! Contact us to know more!



Wide Variety of Activities!

Creative And Interesting Workshops

Your Complete Team Building Solution

My Weekend Plan offers activities that aims to create unforgettable and fun experiences! Say goodbye to all the boring, old-school team building games and seize the opportunity to be the awesomest company to provide fun, innovative, exciting, creative team building programs today!

Specially designed packages

Our Awesomest Team Building packages awaits you!

What’s so great about them? well, not only do we provide exciting team building activities that test boundaries and align goals, but we have included our very exclusive workshops for you and your team to enjoy!
When as time changes, technology improves, and when this happens, everything else changes. So what we have done is simply just change and upgrade! This is what we are offering, an upgraded version of team building! Having all the essential elements of team building, AND additional activities that take it up a notch and make it fun, exciting and simply a time that all your employees will enjoy and remember!

What are you waiting for? Now is your time to upgrade and improve your greatest asset in your company, Your TEAM!

Let us help you, help your team. Contact us to know how!

Wonder What’s Your Team Style ?

Find out which superhero best represents your team! Take our quiz to know more about your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Satisfy your team objectives with our complete team building activities.

Support Team

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Alpha Team

People’s Team

  1. Which iconic person best represents your team?

It’s important to know that every company should manage their staffs well not only in terms of productivity and performance, but their physical and mental health as well. That’s the reason why team building activities are crucial in helping you and your team to grow together in terms of improved work productivity, enhanced communication among team members, heightened motivation and empowered creative thinking skills. Talking about company team building outings, bring in My Weekend Plan, the best place for team building outings and ideas!


Let your staffs get excited and looking forward to a special company team building outings in the likes of art jamming, baking lessons, Escape Room Breakout, Bukit Tinggi outing to Dinosaur Kingdom, Farm in the City, Game Fusion, Skytrex, Table Board Game and etc. Do you know how these activities could help shape your team into a better working structure? Your team’s creativity and innovation will be enhanced through our art jamming lessons that help to instill creative mindsets and even develop more talents within your organization. Moreover, you will be surprised how critical thinking skills and problem-solving ability are tested and refined by joining Escape Room Breakout and Table Board Game which helps to push an individual to come up with the best way possible or solution to a problem. Challenge yourself by overcoming different levels of obstacles in Skytrex with your team and allow yourself to take in the wonders of nature in Bukit Tinggi outing! Ultimately, all of the above activities would join the ranks of Dinosaur Kingdom, Farm in the City and Game Fusion in pulling the ties among your team members closer to each other, literally helping to mend ties as well as improve communication between superior and staffs.


Without any doubt,  you could browse through our array of team building activities and pick the right one that could fit well with your company’s culture! Your team would feel more confident, motivated and connected with each other after going through these moments together. The resulting effect will be desirable work productivity, heightened motivation and improved collaboration among your team members. These are especially important in setting the direction of the company right in facing future challenges!


Eager to know what promotional package is available on My Weekend Plan? Just contact us to know more info and how you could be one of our lucky winners in getting further discounts and irresistible corporate team building package deals!

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Learn A Hobby(LAH) Fair 1.0

Learn A Hobby (LAH) Fair 2.0

Flower Arrangement – Signature Kitchen

Brush Lettering – Amerin Mall

Kimchi Making Workshop – IOI Properties Sales Gallery

Potpourri Class – Gamuda Sales Gallery

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