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Kimchi Making Workshop : Bringing out the Korean soul in you !

I’ve always loved Korean culture. From the oppas I see in Korean dramas, to their skin care products and of course FOOD! If it was not because of my friend, I would never have had a wonderful time in IOI Galleria K-Krazy Fiesta last weekend !!!! K-Krazy Fiesta is a Korean themed fiesta that features […]

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Paper Crafting Class

Paper Crafting is something people of all ages can enjoy. It does not cost much and one does not have to be super talented to be a paper crafter! (: However, it does train your patience HAHA (: I have always loved paper flowers and have always wished that I could make them to decorate […]

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Reminiscing the good old days with RIUH !

With their Back to 90’s theme and the objective to further enhance the creative industry in Malaysia, RIUH has successfully pull in a big crowd! The 2- days event has brought nothing but joy (:  How did I know? Well, I WAS THERE with my friends and family last weekend !! I have always loved […]

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Potpourri class- Sugar, Spice and Everything nice!

All of us would like to come back home to a fresh and pleasant scent. A good home fragrance to make you feel extra fresh !   However, spending on air fresheners and perfumes to just achieve that will do more harm than good. First off, it does not only burn your wallet but also […]

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Acrylic Painting Class by ArtTherapy

I’ve tried pencil sketching, charcoal and watercolor but I’ve never tried Acrylic before. I’ve always been slightly too intimidated to try it. One thing was that acrylic was more expensive compared to watercolor. So, I thought this class would be my chance to experiment and try whether I would enjoy using this medium or not. […]

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Get Organized and Stay Productive

Not all of us are an organizing wiz, most of us are just a hot mess. Well, pretty sure I am (:  Whether its school assignments or work projects, life can be an absolute chaos at times! All of us have different ways of living and different jobs and tasks that we’re juggling, I came […]

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Facebook Marketing Workshop

With billions of Facebook users worldwide, chances of knowing what and how Facebook works is common but there’s so much more of Facebook that we don’t know and probably not using it to its full potential in our organisation or business. Well, I got the chance to experience and indulge myself into the world of […]

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Batik Workshop

Do you remember creating a Batik design during your highschool years? Well, I got to experience this amazing part of Malaysian culture last weekend! A culture that is so unique to us Malaysian yet in this era, we do not embrace and treasure our cultures and traditions. We had the privilege of experiencing how batik […]

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