Basic Amigurumi Class | Short Courses in KL, PJ

Basic Amigurumi Class | Beginners crochet patterns in KL,PJ

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Basic Amigurumi Class | Short Courses in KL, PJ

‘Ami…Amigu..Amiguru..whaattttt?’ It is AMIGURUMI ! Curious about what is Amigurumi?

Amigurumi is a type of Japanese art which is known Japan for decades and continues until now. Amigurumi involves technique knitting or crocheting  stuffed creatures with yarn, crochet hook and other materials in amigurumi. Ami stands for knitted or crocheted while nuigurumi means stuffed doll.  There is no restriction or limitation in size.


My Weekend Plan introduces a class on Amigurumi which will brighten up your day by having DIY on your lovely and customized amigurumi patterns creatively. There are many crochet patterns such as cartoons characters like Stitches and animal figures. There are also a lot of crochet patterns which you could choose from such as Totoro, Penguin, Owl, Daruma, Puin, Whale and so on.


Of course, every work must start with preparation. In Amigurumi, you have to prepare some materials such as yarn, crochet hook, scissors, measuring tapes, safety pins, tapestry needles, craft glues and others materials that you need. The materials that are needed depend on what amigurumi patterns that you intend to crochet.


Getting lost or taking long period in crocheting amigurumi at home? Don’t worry. Amigurumi class in My Weekend Plan will be providing full guidance and tutorial until you complete a whole patterned doll. You will master the concept and gain ideas on crocheting the doll throughout the class.

Now, you may own the one and only, adorable and lovely doll. It could also serve as the best idea to present as a gift to your loved ones! by creating it by yourself. In addition, you may take this opportunity to create your own business by selling the amigurumi that you made as the price depend on the amigurumi patterns.  Normally, the price sold in Malaysia is set at MYR 60 to MYR 100 for one complete tiny doll.


Feeling interested? Come and join us now ! We are offering the Amigurumi class in KL and PJ. Let’s enjoy the fun together!