Socialize and relax unreservedly with your team

There’s a difference between having a satisfactory meal with your team members over a restaurant’s dining table and getting your hands “dirty” on a kitchen table with them. Most individuals are reserved and coy about the conversation that happens over a meal, but it’s totally different when they have something in common to deal with. Team members could voice their opinions and ask for help unreservedly when accomplishing a “baking goal”, allowing the interaction to occur more naturally.

Learn a new skill and improve creativity

It goes without saying that beginners who are just starting to mix eggs and flour and beat up a batter could learn a precious skill during a baking session. You might watch countless videos on baking and observe experts working on masterpieces, but experience learning the skills of baking from zero under the tutelage of master chef would compel you to gain practical knowledge and enhance your creativity. Who would pass up an opportunity to learn something interesting and new anyway?

Make you happy

Baking your own “masterpiece” and enjoying it with somebody else is just as pleasant and joyful. Never mind the technical procedures involved, the whole process is sure to relieve you of the day’s stressful instances and strengthen your bonding with others as well as instil happiness and fulfillment along the way!

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